Dear Lagosians and people of the world, how was your weekend? Mine was super! My boys did the work against

The weekend would have been perfect if

Apart from football, I finally found time to watch the new TV series everybody has been talking about- ''. If you are an 80s kid like me you would love this series a great deal.

It's drama, a thriller, horror and an ode to the 80s. It is a lovely series and way better than that crap called ''. If you want a real TV series then get your hands on Stranger Things.

Speaking of the 80s and 90s, back then when two men held hands I didn't see anything wrong in it. Two women could hold hands in public and I won't think anything about their sexual orientation.

Today it is different. Homosexuality is now part of our consciousness whether we like it or not. Things are turning, and a real proof of that is Bobrisky, the cross-dressing viral sensation.

If you don't know who Bobrisky is then you are really stuck in the 80s. The dude who has more makeup than the late Tammy Faye Baker has been all over SnapChat talking about his mysterious bae.

Of course, there have been some questions surrounding his sexual orientation. Is he gay? Why does he dress like a woman?

In a recent interview with Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Bobrisky stated once again that he is not gay. Oh, really Bobrisky? After tantalizing us with a bae that is definitely male, you are now saying you are not gay? Well if you are not gay, then I am not straight. One of us is lying in this situation.

Over the weekend I stumbled on a video where members of the Nigerian Police Force apparently caught a male cross dresser and asked him to strip while they recorded the video. It was disgusting to see that in 2016, gay people are punished for their sexual orientation in Nigeria.

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No one has any right to punish anyone because he is gay or a cross dresser. It is nobody's business. To the religious at heart, leave the person and let God judge. You are not God.

In a nation where female genital mutilation is practised, where underage girls are being forced into marriages and widows are forced to do barbaric rites, it is quite absurd that homosexuality is what annoys Nigerians the most. We as a people don't have our priorities straight.

I don't blame Bobrisky for saying he is straight. He could be beaten by an overtly religious crowd of hypocrites. Nigeria is not only a tribalistic country. It is also homophobic. We are righteous on things that don't matter and turn a blind eye on things that do- corruption, manipulative men of God and how we treat women.

I don't blame the gays in Nigeria for hiding.