Happy New Year to everyone except Nigerian politicians. I hope those corrupt old people have a bad 2017.

Let's leave politics this morning and focus on something that has been bubbling on social media for a while.

There is a man known as Pretty Mike (there is nothing pretty about him) that has been causing a lot of commotion on Twitter and Instagram because of his disturbing stunt.

Pretty Mike seems to be a pretty weird guy. I call him weird because he has been seen a couple of times in public with two women who have dog collars on their necks. He holds the chains and moves about with them like a dog owner walks around with his dogs or in this case his bitches.

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He pulled this stunt at first in December 2016 and repeated it again last weekend. Pretty Mike attended a wedding and had his masked chained ladies with him. This time around, people were angry, incensed, mad, shocked and upset. In essence, what this means is that a lot of people were speaking a lot of big grammar.

Now in cases like this, Nigerians bring out their cassocks and start preaching about morality and values. I must have stumbled on over 100 hundred tweets blasting Pretty Mike and his ladies.

My Naija people, calm down. Not everything in the world is black and white. You must understand this. For me, I see nothing wrong with what Pretty Mike has done. He is probably paying them for this stunt.

And for the ladies, they look above 18 to me. If they want to have dog collars on their necks, then it's their business. There is something called consent and you must understand this. Not everyone will see life like you. Not everyone will have the same moral values as you and you must know this. Nigerians, it is time to mind your business. Another man's poison is another man's meat.

The funny thing is how a lot of women who criticised these ladies are in bad relationships. They are mentally chained to abusive men but smile in public because they have to keep up a front. The Bible says "You hypocrite! First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye."

Also, the babes could be into BDSM. We all have our kinks the bedroom. You shouldn't force your preference on others. For example, the great MFM General Overseer, Dr Olukoya says a woman who engages in oral sex and swallows a man's sperm is a cannibal. Baba leave matter for matter for Mathias. If na by that one, cannibals plenty for road. If its not in the Bible, then forget about it.

You shouldn't impose your beliefs on people and call it the truth. You might like one-dimensional sex but packaging it as a law is wrong. You might not see yourself being chained in public but really there is nothing wrong or illegal if another woman does it as long as there is consent.

People of God, face your own lane. Not everyone thinks like you. The world is made up of various people even though some of them are fame hungry men like Pretty Mike who was once rumoured to be Bobrisky's bae.