Good morning cool people of the world. Traffic is crazy today in Lagos city and that is because kids are back in school.

The traffic situation in Lagos has been good for the last few months but with schools back in session, we are about to face that notorious traffic that the city is known for.

This would last until December when our brothers from the East go back to their villages. Hopefully, the work that has been done on the roads by our good Governor will reduce the traffic.

Before I zoom in on today's topic, permit me to take a detour and talk about the pop act Sean Tizzle. I have already written about the singer before but today I just want to touch a little bit on him.

On September 17, 2016, a video of Sean Tizzle walking out of an interview was posted on the Internet. What led to Mr Tizzle pulling a diva move and walking off? He was simply asked if he bleached his skin.

That's a fairly legitimate question if you ask me. If you see Denrele Edun won't you ask him if he is gay? And it is perfectly alright to ask D'banj if he truly got married a few months ago. Every celebrity has a narrative and Sean Tizzle's narrative presently hovers around him bleaching.

Sean Tizzle can do whatever he wants with his skin. He can admit that he bleached or he can deny. However, at this point in his career (which is shaky) he needs all the love he can get from the press. Giving the middle finger to a journalist who was just doing his job is uncalled for. Hey, we shouldn't expect much from a man with cheap contact lens anyway.

Now today's main gist. Blood is thicker than water, but Nigerian blood is thicker than normal blood. Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, known in Biafra and in music circles as Jidenna is truly a Nigerian man despite his many years in obodo oyibo (overseas).

Covering the latest edition of ThisDay Style, Jidenna broke down his ideal woman. " I don’t think I could be with any woman who does not know how to run a business or cook Jollof rice," said the classic man.

Igbo Kwenu! The man has said it himself. If you can't be a business woman and can't cook, it's nothing for you. This is a man that was brought up in God's own country but he has not allowed his brain to be washed by all their 'isms'. He knows the 'koko'.

Baby girl with 10,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, if you cannot cook Jollof Rice that can make angels rejoice, nothing for you. Even an ajebutter like Jidenna won't be rushing home to when he knows you can't whip up a steaming hot plate of Jollof Rice.

What is about food that causes so much argument online? In Black America, a black woman's hair is a sensitive issue and among young Nigerians, food is equally sensitive. Hardly a month goes by without an argument erupting on Twitter about who should cook in a marriage.

Let's be frank about this, just as men expect women to cook in a marriage, women expect men to handle most (if not all) of the financial responsibilities at home. Take your minds out of Twitter for once, in mainstream Nigeria, a woman who can't cook and a man who can't take of his family are seen as useless.

In these times when gender roles are fluid, who should cook in a marriage should not be an issue but in like most things Nigeria is playing catch up. One day we wouldn't be stuck up about traditional roles.

Till then it feels good to get home from work and you meet a hot plate of Jollof Rice and give her money for her hair.