Last week was definitely entertaining.

The travails of Apostle Suleman and his alleged lover made for great headlines. The gbedu did not stop there. On International Women's Day, Tonto Dikeh revealed the cracks in her marriage. Her marriage was far from the Instagram cuteness and couple goals that it pretended to be.

Where do I begin? Let me start from the house of God. Apostle Suleman is in the midst of some sort of scandal with a singer who is singing more than songs to the press. She claims that she had sexual affairs with the man of God.

Stephanie Otobo is singing a lot. In one of her songs, she has featured the great Nollywood actress . Otobo claims that the screen goddess had threesomes with the man of God. (Apostle must hear about this!) There have been other claims that Okeke's house and car were gifts from the altar of the Apostle. We will get back to this in due time.

Not too long ago, our dear Apostle was tackling the government about the Fulani herdsmen. A few Christians in the country saw him as a defender of the faith against violent herdsmen. His stance made the government not too fond of him.

With his colourful history with the authority, it is odd that he is having a scandal now. It almost seems that forces behind the scene are orchestrating this scandal. It could be and it could be not. One thing I have learnt is that there is no smoke without fire, and he comes to bring equity must come with clean hands.

Daniella Okeke hasn't responded to the claims. Forget about public opinion, but in the court of law, she is innocent until stated otherwise. Yet, there are many 'actresses' in Nollywood who hardly feature in movies but live like millionaires. They flaunt their exotic cars and Lekki mansions on Instagram. Many of them claim to be producers of phantom movies that no one ever watches. Despite their thin filmography, they live like A-list Hollywood actresses.

A top Nigerian comedian once made an observation that opened my mind up to the shady business of some actresses. Let me break down his observation for you.

Our movie industry doesn't pay well unless you are Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele, and Eniola Badmus. Facts. Despite the low wages, some actresses live like they earn over N1m per movie. Have you noticed that these actresses are more lavish than their male counterparts? Is it not the same movies they act in? They get paid the same fees but how come 'some' are richer than the men?

Obviously, these actresses are filling in the blanks another way. It's not my mouth you will hear the king's wife is a prostitute but go and ask our politicians and footballers about some Nollywood actresses. If she has a luxurious car or goes to Dubai every quarter, my guy it is not Nollywood film.

Speaking of actresses, let's move to Tonto Dikeh. There is nothing to write about these interview. I must admit that I feel sad for Tonto Dikeh about the domestic abuse aspect of her marriage. No woman deserves to have a man beat her. Beating women is wrong and not should be tolerated.

Let me advise my dear readers. A marriage you flaunt in public will be a circus and when it cracks or fails it would be a public affair also. Love and marriage should be sacred. It is not everything you post on social media. And it is not everything that you people see on IG is couple goals. A snapshot is not a true depiction of what happens behind closed doors. Stop falling for picture perfect photos of couples in nightmare marriages. Have sense.

To round things up let me ask this- do you believe in karma? For example, if a runs girl changes her ways and settles down, would karma still come into play or have old things passed away?