The Obama’s younger dog is called Sunny Obama and at a White House ceremony on Wednesday afternoon, he jumped up on a toddler, Ashtyn Gardner who was a guest at the unveiling of the official Christmas decorations. The dog is said to have pushed the little girl to the ground before she could get help from Michelle Obama and her dad.

Ashtyn Gardner, 2, was later identified as one of the hundreds of children from military families who were on hand to aid the First Lady display the 2013 decorations at the White House. During the activity, Sunny Obama [the 1.5 year old dog], who was on a leash jumped on the child and knocked her to the ground.

Reports say there were neither injuries nor hard feelings after the ordeal as Sunny was seen licking the little girl’s face after which she got an apologetic hug from Barack Obama’s wife.  Meanwhile, her dad chuckled as his daughter managed not to cry after her beat down.