Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji posted as story concerning the reunion of Ghanian actress Yvonne Nelson and her former flame Iyanya in a movie called 'The Ransom'.

The actress took to Twitter to address the matter with Linda Ikeji accusing her of playing mid games and saying 'According to Linda Ikeji's tweets, she claims that Yvonne Nelsons publicists sent her a story that wasnt totally true and she edited it once she got the proper details.

Both ladies continued in a heated argument via social media,their dedicated fans and followers had their opinions about the feud and further intensified the heat between both of them. Linda called Yvonne out saying she is desperate for attention.  Linda Ikeji's last tweet to Yvonne Nelson was 'i'm kind of annoyed i let you use me, but trust me, it will never happen again... you can keep talking. i'm done!' .

For now no one knows who is to blame but the issue could have been handled much better than airing it on social media for everyone to see.