On Friday, February 3, 2017, popular urban lifestyle site Highsnobiety profiled the skate crew which also doubles as a lifestyle brand. With an accompanying photo essay, the profile shows Waffles N Cream as it starts to build a strong street skating culture in Nigeria.

The crew or tribe of skaters aim at creating organic relationships with the skate culture, streetwear and the urban Nigerian society.

In 2016 Waffles N Cream produced the very first skate edit video titled  ''. The lifestyle branded started in 2009 with founders who loved skateboarding and tried to find a way to express their passion.

"Skateboarding in Nigeria and Africa right now is the same way it was in the ‘70s in America when people didn’t really understand it. We launched the clothing first as a way to draw attention to the brand and bring some of the proceeds back to the skaters and the scene" one of the founders told Highsnobiety last year.

"We also have police and security issues here so some of them are mashing up skaters and harassing them" also said the founder on one of the challenges facing skateboarders.

There is also the notion that African kids do not skate even though it quite a big deal in South Africa and Zimbabwe. " Some of the reactions are like, “Oh look at all these African kids trying to skate.” It’s not taken completely seriously and some people treat it like a novelty. There’s still a lot of apprehension about the scene here. Hopefully, the perception will change."

By planning to build a skate park in Lagos, the first of its kind, they hope this helps to change the perception.

wflsncrm are hosting their first gallery exhibition in Lagos. It kicked off from February 3, 3017 to March 15, 2017.