Yesterday, Monday, September 26, 2016, the

For the first time,

During the debate, Donald Trump dodged questions, lied and bullied his opponent. Instead of giving solutions, he highlighted problems and stated that his administration will deal with these problems without offering a clear blueprint on how to do so. Does this sound familiar?

Forget his skin colour and his nationality, Donald Trump is a Nigerian politician at the core. During the election period in Nigeria in 2015, Nigerian politicians did the same things that Donald Trump is doing now- make a lot of noise, have a fancy slogan and fail to provide solutions to the problems that affect the average Nigerian.

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If Donald Trump was born in these parts he would have been a very successful politician. He would have started his political career as a thug and risen to the position of a senator.

We can laugh at the ridiculous things Trump says but Nigerian politicians do worse and they have found themselves in positions of power.

Donald Trump is not fond of debates, and the world will not be surprised if he does not show up for the remaining two debates. You know who doesn't like debates too? Nigeria politicians. Presidential debates in Nigeria tilts towards comedy than politics just like the Republican presidential debates that felt like a comedy show.

Also, the Republican Party candidate doesn't have a clear plan to make America great again. He just spins the same rhetoric all the time. If you get the chance to interview an average Nigerian politician and ask for his policies, he or she would probably not have any.

At the end of this presidential campaign in America, if Donald Trump loses he can move to Nigeria to further his political career.