A man in China spent a whopping $80,000 to pruchase 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend but she , sadly, said NO! Ouch!

According to The Nanfang, the Guangzhou programmer decided to pop the question ahead of Nov. 11, which in China, is celebrated as "Single's Day" because of the four lonely '1s' in the date.

Follwing the pictures obtained by the site, the confident man used the 99 iPhones to form a heart before standing in the middle of his 'love' formation to pop the question to his now ex-girlfriend in the presence of many onlookers.

According to Tencent News reports, the man also had to save for good two years inorder to pull off the stint.

Following his rejection, commenters then wrote on the site, “How many kidneys did it take to buy those phones?" in reference to the 2011 news story about the boy who sold his kidney for an iPad.

Guys, how would you feel after doing this, that's if you would!