Nigeria's popular and foremost transgender, Miss Henson Sahhara, does not brook anyone who questions her decisions in life and she is wont to take it out on such a person who thinks she is vain and egotistical since she undertook a sex change operation to become a woman.

The one-time undergraduate of the Benue State University who was known by the name Clifford Ochei, decided that she was tired of being a man and had surgery to become a woman and since then, has been advocating for the acceptance of her likes in the country.

She has gone on to win beauty pageants and model contracts but to many of her country men, she still thinks like a man and can never have the emotions which are inborn for women.

Few days ago, she took to her Facebook page and posted this message as a direct reaction to the way people see her and insult her because of her looks:

THE OLDER YOU BECOME THE BETTER LIFE GETS.....Insults and name calling makes you stronger.........The negative words that used to have intense meaning suddenly loses its strength, because you are satisfied with your true-self as an intelligent human being. Shallow empty validity from stupid ignorant fools has no power in your fabulous life anymore............ — feeling LOVED.

Yet another:

THE BODY FITS THE MIND: I am most confident with my clothes off….. Once upon a time, it was the contrary, then the mirror was my worst enemy, self-loathing and depression pushed me to many dark thoughts.……..Always focus on the speck of light at the end of the dark tunnel........... Never let go of hope, take action, and get that transfer to live the life you wish.

But one of her fans who goes by the name Juhhscallme Salmapinky, fired her a salvo:

Juhhscallme Salmapinky lmao: Okay u hav changd your physical features but what about d emotions? can u change dat?...u are a man for life dude...d heart will always be a man's own

Instantly, Miss Sahhara replied the guy:

HAHAHA I just looked at your profile....It says all about you as a person. AT LEAST I AM 'MAN' ENOUGH TO LIVE MY DREAMS...... I wont stoop low to your sad standard, keep wallowing in your miserable jealous life, the best of me is yet to come, I NORMALLY BLOCK PEOPLE LIKE YOU ......But you, I will not block, come back and kill yourself with my success UGLY BASIC NOBODY!

Juhhscallme Salmapinky fired back:

Juhhscallme Salmapinky: you see...d way u just replied me is exactly how a man would will... dere z notin feminine about ur reply... just learn to accept hu u are cause one day.. u are gonna buried nd u gon meet ur creator.. i wonder wah u are gonna say to him when he ask about d dick he gave u...chai chineke...d most annoying part is dat u are a really disgusted

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