A jealous lady who thought her best friend was dating her former boyfriend did a most shocking thing my engaging the friend in a fight and using a

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According to a Facebook user, Poligbe Junior Tarlue, the incident which happened in a town in Liberia, the attacker who has been arrested, has been friends with the victim for years until they had a fallout and the attacker accused her friend of the being the brain behind her separation from her boyfriend.

She then went ahead to further accuse the friend of dating the ex-boyfriend, something the victim denied vehemently but her explanation did not sit well with the jilted girl who engaged her friend in the bloody fight that led to her slashing her face, only missing the victim's left eye by divine intervention.

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Read what Tarlue wrote on his wall:

"My people see what our Liberian sister did to her friend because of the ex-boyfriend."

The injured girl, according to Tarlue, is currently receiving treatment while the attacker is in police detention and would be charged to court soon for assault.