Tonto Dikeh’s collapsed marriage with Oladunni Churchill is no longer news. Hell, it’s one of the biggest scandals so far in the year 2017.

While there were calls for the actress to return to her husband, every bit of hope that might ever happen has now been blown to bits by the actress’ bomb revelation yesterday, February 24, 2017.

You’ve probably seen that; but in case you missed this tiny detail, she referred to Oladunni as her ex-husband before proceeding to say that all the expensive gifts she once posted on her Instagram page were not bought by him and that he undefined and gave her numerous STIs.

So that’s that about that. No more Mr. and Mrs. Oladunni and Tonto Churchill.

This separation brings many lessons to the fore; especially showing that filtered Instagram selfies and cute captions hardly tell the right story about marriages/relationships.

And sadly, it seems to further validate the Yoruba demon theory. [I say 'sadly' because I’m a guy, and as you can guess, I’m Yoruba]

‘Yoruba demon’ is an emerging pop-culture tag placed on men from South-western Nigeria.

Men from this region are believed to be sweet-mouthed, not always good-looking but almost always regally-dressed, highly promiscuous, very irresponsible both to their women and their [numerous] kids and very concerned about their public image.

Tonto’s revelation seems to have firmly placed Oladunni Churchill in this category.

Apparently while we were out here thinking Mr. Churchill was living a blissful life with the actress, getting her numerous gifts and trying to use enjoyment to kill her, it appears baba was just steadily sharing STIs with her.

This STI gist sounds quite logical, if you consider the fact that Oladunni Churchill was once rumoured to have a sidechick [a very important trait of a Yoruba demon].

The alleged chick is his secretary, Rose Meurer, who still appears to be working for him even at the time of publishing this piece.

This might appear to be just one random, unconnected story that hardly proves or establishes anything about Yoruba demons, but you only need to look around you to know that this is not random.

Evidence abounds in real life, accusations are unlimited online, the belief is continuously being strengthened, and the legend is spreading about the wind of disappointment and heartbreak sweeping across the nation by the male demons from the southwest.

Even people in the abroad seem to have felt this demonic wave.

If you need something else to convince you about Yoruba demons, recall the circumstances surrounding Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz’ separation in 2016.

We only got to know after that Tiwa’s tell-all interview that her husband was living the charmed, baby boy life, getting a haircut twice a week but wasn’t performing most of his marital responsibilities and was not providing for his son [another Yoruba demon trait]

Of course, like Tonto’s ex-husband and many Yoruba demons, Teebillz was also accused of having a sidechick [remember Edible catering.]

However, unlike in 2016 when both TeeBillz and Tiwa took turns to reveal their marriage secrets, Oladunni Churchill has not, at the time of publishing this story, responded to the damaging claims made by Tonto Dikeh.

And just as opinions swiftly changed after Tiwa granted that emotional interview in response to TeeBillz’ ill-advised rant on Instagram, there is still a chance that Oladunni’s version of events could put Tonto’s story in perspective, maybe even turn everything around.

Whether or not Oladunni Churchill changes the narrative surrounding his failed marriage though, one gets the feeling that too many hearts have been broken by agbada-wearing men and the legend of Yoruba demons has spread too far for these opinions about Yoruba men to change now or ever.

Or will they?