The judges for "The Barman TV," Head Judge and Show Creator, Caesario de-Mederios, Selassie Atadika and Chris Beaney have spoken on the reality show as it set to make debut.

Caesario, Selassie and Chris took turns in revealing the types of music they love listening to while at the bar as well as other activities related to the barman.

If you could listen to only one song while mixing a drink/cooking which would it be?

Rio: Bitch don't kill my vibe

Selassie: Old school love by lupe fiasco and Ed Sheeran. I love it so much! I've been listening to it for a while.

Chris: Oh no! You can't do that to me. Hmmmm. I think I'll pick sinner man by Nina Simone! The song is over 60 years old and whenever I'm behind the bar I envision that final chrisendo, pour the final drink and then take a bow! It pumps me up all the time.

If you could make a drink/dish for a celebrity who would it be and what drink/dish would it be?

Rio: Nia Long and i’ll make her a ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ - a twist on a classic Negroni

Selassie: Hmm, for now it's a dish made from using local cheese. In Nigeria you call it wara in Ghana we call it wagashi. People are always surprised that we have cheese in Africa, it brings in other flavors that I enjoy. The dish is called sweet mother, and I'll love to make it for Oprah.

Chris: James Bond! I'll like to make a Vodka Martini for the Vodka Martini expert.

What is your favorite drink to make or & drink?

Rio: A classic Negroni and a classic Negroni, it never gets old.

Selassie: I like to pretend that I'm a mixologist and mix different flavors. So I would say really.. a classic martini; Gin.

Chris: To drink,, it'll be a tequila cocktail called a tommy's margarita and instead of the triple sec they replace it with agave nectar which comes from the same plant used to make a tequila, the agave plant.

To make, i love dry martinis because there are different ways to make it and it kind of lets you know more about the person that's drinking it because they may want it super dry, sweet or with olives.

What is your favourite dish to cook & eat

Rio: Favorite thing to cook is spaghetti bolognese because it's an excuse to drink two bottles of red wine while I'm at it and use a bottle in the dish. To eat, Sous Vide Octopus, grilled calamari, black cod… basically anything from the sea.

Selassie:it'll have to be Lime taigan.

Chris: i like home cooking and i love cooking Italian food for people because italian cuisine is like a family thing. If i eat out, it has to be something i can't cook for myself. 9 times out of 10 i would mess up a steak so i would say a nice fillet steak if I'm out.

Ever been drunk on a shift ?

Rio: That's so irresponsible , NO

Selassie: No!!! Never.

Chris: to be honest, i have but i was much younger. I have learned now with age that as a bartender you are there to be responsible and social and give the customer a good experience.

Ever wanted to punch a customer in the face so bad?

Rio: Many times

Selassie: So many times. Oh and my staff too. But I will never do such a thing *laughs* it's just a thought

Chris: My whole life I've been taught not to fist fight because words are more powerful than physical violence.

Have you ever dated a bartender/chef ? What was the experience like?

Rio: There is much more action across the bar

Selassie: Actually, no…

Chris: yes I have, and it was amazing. Most times you're more inclined to date people in the same career as you especially with bartending; you find yourself working from wednesday to sunday at very odd hours so it'll be difficult to date someone with a 9-5.

If you had the chance to pick between having bill gates kinda money or sticking with what you do now what's it gonna be?

Rio: How can I know what I think, until I see what I say

Selassie: I'll stick with being a chef. I love what I do and the thought behind it. I had a better paying job a the UN and I quit it to do this. If I can leave UN money to do what I love then it's clear that money is not a motive for me.

Chris: i'll stick with being a bartender, money for me has never been a motive. I like the satisfaction of what i do. You don't necessarily get feedback when you're bill gates but i love the feedback and instant rewards.

If you could have bartending/Cooking themed tattoo what would it be and why?

Rio: A mixing glass and a long spoon- to symbolise my penchant for stirring things up

Selassie: It'll be a stalk of millet. For me food is also about more than sustenance, the millet stalk represents how we need to think about what we eat and climate change. Its green, it has history and its one of the oldest grains in the world. Its also here in africa and its very distinctly african and i think it's the answer to some of our problems and the solutions we need to think about for climate change.

Chris: I've tried to have a tattoo for so long but i've always failed at it. I'll have words by sil bass the famous graphic designer and it'll say “i just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares”.

If you had the opportunity to live in Antarctica for three months , have all your bills paid and get a one year salary on top of that just to work on a travelling bar/kitchen ,would you go ?

Rio: Never, every day the beach will win

Selassie: yes i will definitely take the job. I've worked in some really weird places. I've had to sleep in the fridge before because it was the warmest place in my house.

Chris: I will definitely take the job if it comes at the right time. I moved from london to ghana which 6 years ago was a very big step for me and I've been the happiest since then.


Gun to your head; come up with a complicated cocktail/recipe  in 10 seconds!

Rio: Have a shot of Gin through your nostrils, I am almost sure it will be your first time and that’s always complicated.

Selassie: I think i'll mix a combination of something raw with something spicy. Ill use some smoked fish and incorporate some sweet elements like fruits, bring in something acidic like passion fruit and i need something fresh so i'll use a fresh herb like scent leaf.

Chris: Ramos gin fizz. It's a complicated cocktail and it uses about 9 awesome ingredients it's so complicated and you need good memory to make it.

If you could live forever but the catch was that you could never have another drink/make another dish, what would you do?

Rio: My impulse would be to say Yes to live forever, but next to dying my greatest fear is loneliness, so I can't imagine outliving everyone I ever loved. So i’ll have another drink, thank you.

Selassie: I love food and i don't want to live forever to be honest.

Chris: i would want to be around when my friends are around and i’m assuming me living forever doesn't mean they get to live forever too. So.. NO!

30 days without drinking or 30 days without food ?

Rio: One is called a detox , the other is called starvation. I’ll take a detox over dying of hunger any day

Selassie: 30 days without food is not possible so i would always choose to eat.

Chris: i'll blend my food into a smoothie and drink it so i win both ways! Ill create a new cocktail using meatballs as my main ingredient.

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