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The rules of engagement in a strip club are different from a regular nite club. It's a whole different scenario.

To fully enjoy the pleasures of a cabaret these are tips you should follow;

1) Fee

The strip club is not a night club. In most clubs in Lagos (at least on the mainland) you can enter for free. To gain admission into Lagos you have to pay. Most strip clubs in Lagos charge at least N1,000 on the weekday and N1,500 on the weekends. Some high-end strip clubs charge from N2,000 upwards. Bottom line, there is no free entry.

2) No phones

In Yankee, you can see strip club patrons whip out their phones and take pictures. In Nigeria, this is a no-no. Pictures are not allowed in strip clubs. Nigerians are still very discreet about such things so strip club activities are hush, hush. In some strip clubs, you cannot bring out your phones from your pockets, while in others you can bring them out but not take photos.

3) Touching

In strip clubs in Lagos, touching is allowed, a whole lot of touching. You can touch the goods if you pay for a lap dance which usually starts off at N1,000. Apart from the strip tease on the stage, you can run your hands all over a stripper who you have paid to give you a lap dance.

4) Carry change

When going to the strip club, stuff your pockets with a lot of change. Chances are that you are going to need a lot of change once you get in there, like tipping the dancers and such.

5) V.I.P

Always be aware that in strip clubs in Lagos, there is always a V.I.P section. What happens in the V.I.P section? Anything you can think of. It usually costs a whole lot more to step into the V.I.P but as long as you have your money, your desires will come through.