Just like we thought, Nigerian transgender and self-acclaimed God hater, Stephanie Rose, has once again taken her hatred for the almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, into the Christmas period by coming up with a unique way of wishing her fans, and the world the compliments of the season.

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Born Dapo Adaralegbe, before (s)he underwent surgery to become a woman, Rose who has become a thorn in the flesh of the Almighty with her constant vituperations, has not ceased in pouring invectives on God and anything religious.

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See the Christmas message she dropped on her Facebook page:

"Merry fraudulent Christmas .... Jesus Christ is a myth and not a true story just like Horus, another mythical man/god that predated Jesus several centuries before. The Vaticans decide what is true and what is a lie in the bible they composed and put together in 325 AD at the Council of Nicea. Jesus Christ remains a myth as Horus. The entire man/god story is all fiction not truth.

There is no Saviour or good shepherd any where .... or a loving God as the bible deceived people in the New Testament of LIES, the same God is the DEVIL destroying all of Mankind. JESUS CHRIST IS A MERE MYTH AND UNTRUE STORY!!

Compliments of a fraudulent Season.

What use is a Saviour that can not save Mankind from grave tragedies and disasters like incurable diseases, famine and pestilence? The Abrahamic God from the beginning functioned with plagues and diseases which he used to destroy and torment humanity!

The same God is described as a giant Killer in scriptures that destroyed families and people with flood and disasters. Till today, disasters like earthquakes, flood, hurricane and deluge still afflict and kill humanity in large numbers because Jesus Christ is a myth and untrue story of this flood destroyer God.

The entire story of Jesus Christ is a mere myth and retelling of other mythical man/gods that predated him like Horus, Mithiras, Dionysus, Krishna and Attis! Yahweh, the Abrahamic God functioned with plagues and diseases in scriptures.