The police in Port Moreseby, Papua New Guinea, a country  located in the Oceania in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, have come under serious international condemnation after they forced a young lady caught with contraceptives, to eat the condoms.

In the video that has caused outrage all over the world, a policeman is seen forcing the crying woman to eat the condoms while she is being berated and insulted for going about with the contraceptives.

The shocking video viewed by Daily Mail Australia, the woman is warned by at least one man off-camera, allegedly a police officer, that she must comply or else she will ‘be put in a jail cell'.

The young woman can be seen sitting at the desk with wrapped condoms on the desk in front of her while a male voice can be heard barking at her, reportedly asking why she was carrying contraceptives

The devastated young woman wipes at her eyes and cries while she is allegedly forced to eat condoms.

At the beginning of the clip, the officer can be heard slamming the table with his hand to intimidate the woman, who had been sitting frozen in fear. He allegedly threatens to put her in a jail cell unless she begins to eat the condoms.

The woman flinches and quickly proceeds to put the condom in her mouth, crying throughout the degrading process.

She rubs tears away from her eyes as she tries to stomach the latex contraceptive and is forced to open her mouth to prove to the police officer that she has swallowed the condoms.

Watch the video here.