In Anambra State, a clergyman identified as Miracle Pastor has reportedly been

The incident occurred on Thursday, September 6, 2018. The 'Miracle Pastor' who is also known as Elijah was attacked when members of the church gathered for worship.

According to Punch News, Elijah was shot on his legs while his vehicle was also penetrated with bullets.

“As soon as they got to his church, they opened fire on the pastor. They snatched some undisclosed amount of money from him, leaving him unconscious. His vehicle was riddled with bullets,” says a source who spoke to Punch.

A witness named Johnson has shared doubts about the innocence of the innocence of the pastor who was attacked a few metres from the police.

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The gunmen reportedly trailed him all the way from Enugu. Punch gathered that he offered them N1 million out of a sum earlier agreed upon.

“When I enquired, I was told that he was the pastor of the church. Who knows what he must have done to attract this kind of treatment to himself?,” Johnson tells Punch News.