5 Sex Techniques Women Love

On SexVille today, we look at the techniques that would make your woman always look forward to sex.

Women are sexual objects and as much as they would not let us men know, there are some things they love when we have sex with them. She may act prude, pious or priggy but I tell you, there is no woman who does not not good, down to earth sex.

She won't tell you this but you have to learn to give her the best of time while in the shag. Think less of yourself and pleasure and instead, you need to think about the woman whilst having sex. It’s easy to give guys a good ride, but for women, it’s different.

You need to know what she wants, and then give it to her. Listening to what women have to say and doing the techniques that you think that they want you to do, is one big thrill they will never forget in their life.

So we have pin-pointed 5 top sex techniques your woman would love so much.

Here we go?

Give Her A Good Head

Most Nigerian men, and even women, shy away when the issue of a cunnilingus is mentioned but deep down, women love it so much and wish their men would try it out on them. So one top sex technique women love is when you go down on them. Just as much as you like it and expect your woman to give you a blow job, so a woman loves her man to go down on her. It is important to give a woman good head and to show her that you care.

The tricks to giving a woman a good head starts by getting to know what she likes, because all women are different - the difference can be anything, for example, she may want you to go sidewards with your tongue or up and down, clockwise or anti-clockwise with your tongue.

When you know what the woman likes, do it and when you get to the finish, stay on that spot because if you move around too much, you’re going to lose it.

Some women even prefer a good tongue to a penis, and you can be big or small in the penis department, but a tongue is a tongue. With head, you can experiment by going around the area and glazing over her clitoris, something your penis cannot do.

Talk Dirty

You may have been married to your wife for years and think she has lost the ability to enjoy sex like she used to do when you were newly married but you will be shocked at what her secret wishes would be. And one thing women love but won't tell you is when you talk dirty to them.

By talking dirty, we do not mean saying some four letter curse words when you are in action, but those sexy-dirty things about what you would like to do to her, calling her lovely names and asking her what she wants you to do to her.

When you’re in the missionary position, look at her right in the eyes and talk some dirty dialogue, because by looking into each other’s eyes, you’re connecting whilst having sex.

Tell her that you love her smile and her beautiful eyes, and tell her how hard she’s making you. Women love a bit of dirty dialogue; they want someone to talk to. Another top tip is when you’re talking dirty, you’ve got to do it quite breathy and in a very sexy way, as if making love to her is the best thing that ever happens to you: the catch is you must mean it.

Foreplay For All

All women love foreplay, and that is one thing most men do not take into consideration when it comes to sex. They believe that once they get an erection, they can jusy jump on a woman and hump around till he satiates himself. In fact, you are doing your sex life more harm than good. Every woman loves to be cuddled, touched in all the erogenous zones, get her so hot till she begs you to come into her.

Rough It Up With Doggy

Even if she is your wife, giving it to her from the rear, brings out the best in her. Don’t be afraid to get a little rough with your woman especially when you’re doing it doggy style; she would love it. You can normally start from the missionary position and then move over to the doggy style without breaking the motion, or start with the doggy style and end with the missionary; but however you go about it, do a mix ob both or more styles.


Every woman loves a man who is creative when it comes to love making. She won't long for you when you do the same thing every other time. What happened to your inventiveness and sense of innovation?

No woman wants you to give it to her the same way every night; it should be a potpourri of different techniques and sex styles to bring out the best in her.

You have to make your relationship somehow more exciting or you’ll just bore each other. A lot of marriages break up because of boredom, not because of money and stress, so put in some creativity when in comes to sex and see your marriage or relationship bloom.


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