A 23-year-old woman, whose identity remains hidden, has been reportedly gang raped by some hoodlums in the Pako Bus Stop area of the Lagos - Abeokuta Expressway.

The incident which happened on Sunday, August 28, 2016, left the victim in a deplorable state, with an unstoppable bleeding in her body.

She was discovered by one of her brothers, who joined a search for her after she was perceived to be in danger.

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Narrating the incident to Punch News, the brother of the woman said, “She said some men raped her. Two men now came out of the front of the house where I found her. One asked me what I was shouting about."

"He said, ‘Because she was raped, is that why you will not let people ‘hear word’? Is she the first person that will be raped here?’ After all, I gave her Igbo (hemp) and she took it',"

“I was shocked. I could not believe that he had the confidence to tell me he was even the one who gave her Indian hemp. My sister said they forced her to take the Indian hemp and two of them raped her on a chair in front of a shop.”

The culprits, identified as Wasiu and Monaco, grabbed the victim when she was returning home from her Aunty's shop.

They threatened to beat up her brother, who had challenged them for the crime committed against his sister.

Through the intervention of the police, one of the hoodlums, Monaco, real name, Olanrewaju Osinibi, was captured and taken to into custody.

The victim's brother narrated further saying, “While we were arguing there, I luckily saw a patrol van of policemen from the Dopemu Police Division passing by and I quickly approached them and explained how my sister was raped.

“The policemen came down from their vehicle and because the crowd of boys in front of the house were threatening, one of the policemen cocked his gun and they all fled.

“But, I immediately grabbed the one who said he gave her Indian hemp to smoke (Osinubi) before he could escape. The police took him and we all went to the station”, he said.

To manage her health condition following the rape incident, the victim was taken to the Mirabel Center located at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) for treatment.