The first picture of the nun in Italy who stunned her mother superior and local church chiefs after giving birth last week to a baby boy has named her son Francis, as a tribute to the current Pope. In a chat with a social worker, she says her son "is a gift from God and I am so happy to be mother than a nun."

33-year old sister Roxana Rodriguez claimed to have no idea that she was pregnant and thought her labour pains were 'stomach cramps'. An ambulance reportedly rushed her to hospital in severe pain after being called by fellow nuns when she collapsed at her nunnery.

According to Telegraph, SisterRoxana rejected the doctors' crazy suggestion that she was about to have a baby, "Its not possible, I’m a nun," the Italian press quotes her as saying.

There are however claims that the nun could have gotten pregnant on a visit to her hometown of El Salvador, "It seems she was not able to resist temptation,” says the wise mother superior of her convent (former). Its no surprise that she would be kicked out of the convent for breaking her vow of chastity but its reported that the diocese and local residents are collecting donations for the newly formed family.

Her picture was published in the Italian daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera, who have carried out an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the birth of 9lb Francis and have spoken to the social worker in the case.

She reportedly told her social worker Anna Fontanella, "I am so happy. I feel more of a mother than a nun, I think that's obvious. I decided to call him Francis in honor of our wonderful south American Pope. I do not feel of guilt. I will be keeping him and bringing him up."

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