Afrobeat performer, Seun Kuti, has is mad at all many experts who look into the life of his legendary father, Late Fela Anikulakpo Kuti.

“Fela this Fela that. Everyone is an expert on what Fela did and didn't do. I remember growing up with you all and how y'all used to taunt me with Igbo smoker, now u all smoke, your father is a womaniser, now Una be number one olosho customer.” Seun said.

Seun went further, stating a specific age range of individuals who truly saw Fela, or watched him perform in person, while expressing his opinion on Fela’s message.

“Let me tell u a fact, if u are 33 and below u definitely did not see Fela or come to the shrine or kalakuta! If u haven't read his book u don't understand him. All this band wagon Fela lovers who only love him because they couldn't destroy him ,and his message of progress has outlived your message of hate and your propaganda.

“You don't know HIM and u probably never will but go on and enjoy the myth!"