If you love comics and Afrobeat then you should know that there is a new comic book in town tailor-made for you.

Vortex Comics is about to publish an R-rated comic named Anikulapo. The central character is loosely based on Afrobeat act and activist Seun Kuti who is pretty much a bad guy in real life.

Anikulapo is the name of the anti-hero Afrobeat artist who has the power of summoning an orisa. He considers it his duty and responsibility to fight corrupt politicians with any means at his disposal.

Anikulapo is not a lone ranger. He has seven wives (sounds familiar) who help him on his mission. His wives use Nguni and Calinda (old African fighting techniques) to help Anikulapo make Nigeria a better place.

"The comic preaches revolution, change and political-socio-economic freedom which we believe can bring a certain level of consciousness to the youth and adults alike," founder and creative director of Vortex Comics Somto Ajuluchukwu told Konbini.

Vortex Comics has partnered with Seun Kuti and the legendary Egypt 80 band to present a night of great Afrobeat music at the New Afrikan Shrine called REVOLUTION NIGHTS.

Nigerian comics have been on the rise within the last few years as publishers have found more innovative ways to present African spirituality to a largely conservative audience.

Also, LagosComic Con has helped to bolster the comic industry in Nigerian with its annual event.