Two members of an armed robbery gang, Saidi Olalekan and Joshua Akinsola, have confessed to the police in Lagos that they used diabolical powers, better known as Juju, to rob their victims, mainly traders, of their wares, money and property, reports the Vanguard.

The suspects, Olalekan, 32 and Akinsola, 20, were arrested at the Oshodi market during an attempt to rob a textile shop owner of  some  lace materials and cash worth  N2.5 million

At the time of their arrest, the police recovered some stolen  lace materials worth N300,000 and  cash of N2 million.

The suspects, during interrogation, confessed to the police that they get their information from the sales representatives of the traders and they use charms to hypnotise their victims, to make their operation easy.

But on the day they were arrested, they met their match because the charm refused to affect the trader who raised an alarm which led to the arrest of Akinsola. It through him that Olalekan was arrested.

Olalekan, an indigene of  Ogun State, said he was released from prison some time earlier after spending two years.

“We do not use any gun or dangerous weapon during operation. What we used was a charm called 'atare' and 'ohun'. This charm was prepared by a herbalist in Apapa. That is what most 419 people  use.

Any time we were going for operation, we would put the charm in our mouth and another in the pocket. We would thereafter, enter any of the shops and order anyone there to bring the proceed for the day.

We would also command them to bring as much yards of material they could lay their hands on. They will obey without complaining. Also, no customer will come to that shop as long as we remained there.

After the raid, we would quietly leave the shop. Our victims usually regain consciousness several hours later."