A 45-year-old widower identified only as

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Fresh Angle reports that the pedophile who recently lost his wife, was nabbed on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, at the Ode-Ile quarters in Okere, after he was identified in the midst of several others by one of the victims, a three-year-old girl, as the one who defiled her.

It was gathered that Charles had lured the girl into his apartment and raped her a week after he had done the same thing to her five-year-old sister but his secret came to the fore when the mother of the girls reported to the community leader that someone had defiled her daughters following complaints of pains by the girls.

Since no one had seen him in the act, the elders of the community gathered all the men in the community and asked the girls to identify the one who had defiled them and the three-year-old pointed at Charles.

He was said to have initially denied defiling the girls but after the youths descended on him, he confessed to the act.

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He was made to pay the medical bills of the girls after which he was banished from the community in the most disgraceful manner.