Ace Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth has taken to Facebook with an apology after earlier jokes made by him were perceived as ‘promoting rape’. The apology comes after huge protests and condemnation on social media.

Basketmouth had earlier on Sunday, updated his Facebook fan page with a joke which had rape and racist undertones. The joke implied that  ‘White Girls’ will get sex on the 3rd and final date, while African girls get rape on the 9th date.

The joke went viral, creating quite a storm among feminists and concerned individuals voicing their displeasure.  Many dissenters even called for his multi-million naira endorsement deal with leading communication giants, GLO, to be called terminated.

Basketmouth has however moved to make amends, clearly apologizing for a joke which he feels ‘that many clearly misunderstood and have found offensive’. Read his full apology below.

My people,

I have a daughter that I would give my life to protect, a wife that means the world to me, a mother that made me the man that I am and anything that is done for any woman is less than she deserves for the role they play in our lives.

I would never in a thousand lifetimes encourage rape, I broadcasted a joke that many clearly misunderstood and have found offensive and I sincerely apologize, the intention however was to highlight an unfortunate trend and the ridiculously flawed comparison between money & the worth of a woman.So to all women, the ones that make our lives colorful, the ones we owe our lives..literally, our pride, our money choppers, the true stronger vessels, this is me, Bright Onyekwere Okpocha saying, I no dey crase to promote rape?

Accept my humble apologies if it was misunderstood, it wasn't meant that way by a long shot. One love.