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Pulse VIP Blogger 'Roll Tape: Diary of a Nollywood Insider' - Aniedi Awah Noba

Pulse VIP Blogger Aniedi Awah Noba treats the perception that movie directors and producers demand for sex from actresses before they give out roles.

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Aniedi Awah Noba


Film making is a very serious business. In Nigeria, most sponsors of movie productions are usually individuals. Just individuals who have some love for the industry and craft and would decide to invest their hard earned money in film production; a very unpredictable venture and business.  

Imagine one man staking as much as five million naira to produce a movie, a venture for which he is not absolutely sure of what he is going to make as profits at the end of the day.

It may interest you to know, that not all very good and well shot and well hyped movies do well financially! Some producers/investors sometimes go home with less than the capital invested in the movies. But the love and passion for the industry and craft brings them back again and again until they break even!

Why am I bringing in this point?

To establish the fact that every producer/director handling a movie project is more concerned with just one thing; getting the very best for his production! Other things, sex inclusive, are at the deepest recesses of his mind!

Now, because of this, no producer, at least the ones I have worked with, would sacrifice the value and strength of his production because he wants sex from a girl before casting her for a role!

Now, it is time for me to state some pertinent facts most people don’t know about producers/directors; based on my point above.

Most producers/directors appreciate talent. So once you are talented or show the potentials needed to be a talented actor, you stand a very good chance of getting roles in movie productions.

Most producers/directors would only ask a girl for sex before casting mostly because she must have presented herself as being ready, desperate and needy for such.

Thus, majority of the girls who claim to have been sent out of Nollywood because they were asked for sex from a producer in lieu of roles are actually largely talent-less! You can quote me on that any time any day!

I have carried out several auditions and you see loads of girls who, ordinarily, should have no business in the world of acting, streaming down to the venues for these auditions and messing themselves up!

They can’t hold a simple English tense and can’t tie a single sentence together and are completely clueless about things like poise and carriage and voice modulations! Yet they come for auditions and want to become actresses!

What do you think would happen to such girls when they don’t get roles in movies after several auditions? They become desperate and open to several wrong forces within the industry!

I have experiences of girls sleeping with every other crew member and cast without the producer and director and still go out to say 'I slept with the director and he didn’t give me a role.' And the whole world believes because the perception is already out there that directors sleep with girls before they cast them!

Nobody takes time to check if the girl can even speak English properly or has the necessary class, poise and carriage to handle or carry a career through in Nollywood! Nobody would ask the girl what she has done on a personal angle to make herself better as a person who wants to come into Nollywood and become an actor!

Nobody would ask the girl how she dressed to the audition venue or how she batted her eyelids at the director and producer and gave all indications she is ready to do anything just to get a role!

Nobody would ask these questions simply because the girl mentioned a film director/producer and the whole world already sees us as people who have sex instead when we need food, we have sex when we need to bathe, we have sex when we need water to drink, we have sex when we need to sleep, we have sex when we are watching a football game, we have sex instead of doing anything else!

No be so e be o, abeg!

As a director, I get tripped when I see beautiful and intelligent girls at my auditions. When they show some measure of talent towards acting, I go over the moon. My dream is always to be involved in the task of finding or discovering a new talent!

That is the koko! Discovering a new talent.

So there is no way I wouldn’t give an opportunity to a newbie when she shows the proper disposition and talent enough to hold down the role. No way at all.

Over the years, I have met directors and producers who are highly disciplined and would never tolerate such things as sex for roles. I have also met very disciplined actresses who don’t even give room for that.

The simple fact about life is that people would always take you for what you present before their eyes and minds.

If a girl comes to an audition venue and carries herself properly and with respect, she will be treated in the same vein. But if she comes to the audition and behaves like a prostitute, she will surely be treated as such! Pure and simply.

So to my young and aspiring actresses or to those who are already acting but are aspiring to hit the top, remember you are women. Whether in the industry or outside, men would always come for you as long as you are beautiful. So it shouldn’t be something strange when people come to you for sex at any time.

Just know how to handle yourself viz-a-viz your goals and aspirations in life! Don’t let anything or anybody stand in your way to success!  Focus on making yourself a better actor through any form of training you can lay your hands on.

If a director/producer asks you for sex in return for a role, SAY NO AND RUN! Then reply him further by showing him what you have to offer as an actor! He will surely come for you one day because of what you have within you!

Conclusively, I am not saying some directors and producers have not at some point or the other asked a girl for sex in return for roles. I am only saying not all directors and producers do that.

I am also saying that ninety-nine percent of the girls who actually scream “sexual harassment” have no business in the world of acting! It is not for every girl! And surely not for everyone! If you want to become an actor and you don’t want anyone to harass you, go get yourself prepared! Study hard!

*Aniedi Awah Noba is a Nollywood movies director, script-writer and producer.

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