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Pulse VIP Blogger 'Diary of a hustling OAP' - Spycy Star [Episode 8]

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SpycyStar takes us on a jolly ride in her diaries. play

SpycyStar takes us on a jolly ride in her diaries.


On this episode, Spycy narrates about her recent audition and the few fears she faced before making the first cut.

Another day, another adventure! I had to get out of bed and head on to somewhere in Ogba, where, according to a guy I just met the other day, another audition was being held.

Talking about the other day; I had returned to Soundcity TV office for that re-scheduled appointment with Deji and thank goodness his production crew was around.

He took me straight to the studio where he asked the guys to record me in front of the camera. In no time, I got to do my thing and by the time I was done, almost everybody in there was complimenting me on how photogenic and camera-friendly I am. Someone even noted that I was a natural.

I could only smile, say ‘thank you’ and not let the hype get to my head, because, honey! We could really make do with the ‘actual’ money which the fine-face can get. Just having the fine face and not experiencing its money-making capacity…well…you know… Simply put: me and my fine face need to get a paid job in front of the camera *winks* what can I say?

Anyways, I was heading back to Deji’s office when I saw him just outside. He was with some guys. I guess friends of the firm. He introduced me to them and one – Kenny took a special interest. The said Kenny gave me his card and asked that I come for an audition which would be held in a couple of days on the mainland.

He took my number and said he’ll text me the details. I thanked him, said ‘bye’ to the others, thanked Deji and took my leave after he assured me he was going to listen to my recording later and get back to me.

Well here I was, for the said audition. It was supposed to commence 8AM and I succeeded in making it to the venue on time. But it seemed I was the only who got that memo because the place was practically empty. It even seemed like a residential building and boy was I starting to get a creepy feeling.

At this point, I could feel my heart beating fast. What if I’ve been played? What if I’ve been lured to a place where God knows what happens (or is even happening right now)? I stayed quiet and listened for a while and couldn’t hear any noise from within. I could hear a voice in my head, though, saying; ‘Turn around and go home’.

I took a quick glance behind, contemplating turning back. But, for God’s sakes, it’s an estate!! What’s the worst that can happen? I had actually walked from the gate of the estate to this other gate! I wasn’t going to just leave like that.

Then, I decided to knock. I knocked. No response. I knocked harder. Still no response. I looked around. Took out my phone from my bag and was about to put a call through to this Kenny guy when I heard someone holler: ‘Is that Spycy?

I turned, heaved a sigh of slight relief. Thank God someone is here at last! I put down the phone and had a smile plastered on my face as quickly as possible. Hell yeah, *rolls eyes* fast fast o. I couldn’t let him have an idea of how scared I had been before he arrived. He was smiling too. I asked him if this was the place for the audition and he confirmed.

I pointed out how empty the place was and he apologized and said the other guys are on their way. Now my heart was about to explode but putting up a calm and casual outlook, I asked: ‘Which other guys?’ and he replied: ‘The guys who would be auditioning the potentials. I’m just one among the panel and I too am surprised they are not here yet’.

He then attempted opening the gate and while he was at it, another girl approached. I looked at her, sized her up and assumed she’s a Lagosian and not a new-comer like me.

We said ‘Hi’ almost at the same time, to each other and she asked if this was the venue and before I could respond, Kenny said: ‘Yes. Are you here for the audition as well?’ and she nodded. ‘Who invited you?’ he asked further and she said ‘Clement’.

Now I was having some really funny and not-to-be-said-out-loud thoughts. Really? What the hell is going on? These thoughts were fueling the creepy nature of this whole adventure, so far. All the same I kept calm. Kenny struggled with the gate some more and then succeeded in opening it.

We walked in and as if he knew what was going on in my head, he left the gate opened. ‘The others are close by and would be here any minute’, he said to both of us.

The main door was locked so we made ourselves comfortable outside but within the compound. Before long, more potentials strolled in, in their twos, threes and ones and boy, you could always tell a gathering of hustling entertainers.

Now, some were standing, some were sitting and others sitting on the laps of others and the chatting ensued. Some knew each other and others were just meeting for the first time but that didn’t slow anyone down.

Finally, the rest of the organizers arrived, opened the door and started setting up and when they were done, one after the other we were called in. The audition, we had been told, was of more than one level, to be held today.

The whole procedure stretched into real long hours and it wasn’t until 3 o’clock in the afternoon, that the organizers came out to tell us we were done with level one. Some people were pointed out and told they could go home since they didn’t make the cut.

The rest were asked to stay back for the second level which they let us know would commence after their lunch break. Wow, well the guys gotta eat. You can’t deny them that.

I made the cut, so I stayed back. I was hungry, too but I couldn’t risk not being available when my name would be called so, I waited and only hoped these guys could move it.

After another set of auditioning which consisted of some really weird and uncomfortable questions which we had to answer, we were asked to drop our details and some of us would be reached in a couple of days.

Gosh!!! Finally! Now I can go eat. I had noticed an eatery situated by the entrance of the estate on my way in earlier today, so I strolled out to the gate, went into the said eatery and had something quite filling to eat, before I started heading home.

What a day!!! Diary of A Hustling OAP returns here next week. - @Spycystar

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