'Diary of a hustling OAP' - Spycy Star [Episode 12]

Spycy Star have just been shown the exit sign from where she's been squatting with a friend. What does she do now?

Spycystar, the hustling OAP.

So I woke up, went to the toilet to ease myself, did that, got back to my tiny bed, saw myself laying there and trying to make out what the day may look like.

It was a Saturday, a brand new day and one can only try to maintain a positive mindset, but, nothing had prepared me for what was coming. What I was about to experience on this fateful day was going to be some real game changer…I mean, nothing had prepared me!!!

I had spent the previous Saturday at Sparkle’s place. I had been there for two consecutive weekends, so this weekend saw me at BB’s and sincerely, I had never really been comfortable spending the weekend here but out of courtesy, I decided to spend this weekend with BB and her husband; of course at their place which is where I was staying at the time…uhhm… Is that twisted? Well, I’m guessing you did.

So, here I was on the bed doing some real thinking and BB knocks slightly on my door and came in: “Spycy are you going out today?” she asked and I responded;

“I don’t know yet. It depends” and she goes

“I will like you to stay away from the house for a while and come back later”. I was confused and I asked “a while…? Like today, later today? or come back tomorrow or what actually?”

Then she paused, cleared her throat and replied; “I want you to go somewhere else for like two weeks. My husband and I have some family issues we need to address” then out of concern for my friend, I asked;

“What is the problem?”

Then came the casual response; “No no… it’s not about you. It’s just some stuff. Don’t worry. I’ll get back to you on phone. You may not even have to stay away up to two weeks”

then she went further to add: “Sorry for the inconveniences” and despite the fact that I responded “No problems”, that was so far from the truth, but right then, I had to put up a front like ‘I got this’.

Of course, what else was I to do? Break down and cry and beg? Not my style. Sincerely, I do apologise if I come off in a wrong light to you right now, but it’s just that I have learnt hysteria doesn’t really get problems solved.

Hence, several thoughts racing through my mind, some of which were: Where do I go? Who’s going to welcome me to stay at their place, with such short notice? Because, let’s face it… BB was saying ‘two weeks’ but hell! What I could hear her saying was; ‘Please go and never come back! Go look for somewhere else to pitch your tent!! Leave my house. You have overstayed your welcome.’ This was basically a cry for help and honey, I do read between the fine lines pretty well. Given that I had been at her place for just about two months, though, I might not have been expecting this, but, I get the message, all the same.

Earlier, I told you nothing had prepared me for this. I still say, nothing. Not even her attitude the night before prepped me for this. She had come home from her shop, got through the door and realised I was home and when I greeted: “Welcome”, the response was; “ooh…you are around…?” which came with some really strange attitude I couldn’t really place a finger on but it was like she wished I wasn’t there. All the same, I casually replied “yes o”. Usually, I take note of these little body languages but for some reason, I let that be forgotten and there I was, the morning after, receiving the shock of a life time.

BB was the only friend I had told of my intention to move to Lagos and asked if she could house me and she had replied “of course”. She had given me the impression that I was very welcomed to stay at hers and her husband’s for as long as I needed. I had no other place to stay for a long term. So, there I was with my thoughts which were actually running wild at the moment, hence got me thinking: ‘Under the bridge’ *a quick shiver* Damn! The slight thought of it got me shivering to my spine. I’ve heard stories of people who were forced to pitch their tents under bridges in Lagos, at least, for a phase in their lives. Definitely, not a permanent option and come to think of it, not far-fetched either. Well, it may not be the immediate option for me right then, but after a week at this friend’s place and some couple weeks at another’s, it just may be the one option. Scares the shiiii outta me, but, isn’t it wise to keep an open mind and make it known as an option somewhere in the back of my mind so I am not taken unawares again? Damn girl!!! Snap back to reality! *rolls eyes*, isn’t this REALITY enough?

NB: This all happened sometime in the early part of the year, 2011 and I’m guessing you wanna know how it all played out… *winks* You better keep an eye out, then, as returns here next week…     - Spycystar


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