Pulse TV Strivia is one of Pulse’s more popular shows; it is most known for viral content and over time, has inspired many different adaptations. After over a year of asking those infamous questions, Pulse TV alumnus Chuey Chu dropped the mic in March and that role was left open.

To fill this role and discover the next Pulse TV Strivia Presenter, the team created Pulse TV StriviaSearch. It serves two purposes; apart from finding the next face of the show, the idea was to create a platform that would offer the opportunity to as many as were daring and eloquent enough to take up the mantle.

To this end, auditions were held on Instagram where interested participants were invited to creatively show why they deserved to be the next Strivia presenter.

After weeks of taking, examining and screening submissions, the Pulse Team finally compiled a shortlist of 10 contestants to compete for the role of Pulse TV Strivia Presenter.

Meet the final 10 contestants in the Pulse TV #StriviaSearch.

1. Debrah

The part-time model and aspiring TV presenter, Debrah is 23 years old and the first of 5 kids from Osun State. She was born in Lagos and holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Redeemers University. She discovered a passion for television during her time in University and now years after, she is out to realise her dreams.

2. Otega

The youngest of the bunch, Otega is an 18-year old student of Mass Communications at Yaba College of Technology and an indigene of Ondo State.

She enjoys gymnastics and dancing. Her favorite thing to do is perform, and her natural instinct to hug the spotlight is why she believes she will become the next Pulse TV Strivia Presenter.

3. Clement

Clement’s interest in the media space stems from a love of music, and hip-hop to be particular. The graduate of Electrical engineering from the Ekiti State University describes himself as a lyricist and has spent time in various roles at MTN and a mystery media firm.

He believes he should become the next Pulse TV VJ as he respects the platform’s youthful personality and looks forward to learning and working under what he calls a ‘well structured system’.

4. Abigail

At 22, Abigail has done her fair share of work in front of the camera. The graduate of Computer Science at the University of Nigeria has worked as a model, actress and content creator with various media firms.

She finds her major strengths in her personality and believes her confidence, spontaneity and camera-friendly nature can get her the role of the next Pulse TV Strivia presenter.

5. Ibukun

Ibukun loves to be called ‘Balysalsa’; while studying to be a lawyer, she developed a passion for media and chose to tow that line after testing her skills at the local radio station and concluding her studies.

For her compulsory youth service, she chose Harvest FM. She thinks she can use the Pulse TV platform to showcase herself and believes she is the right person for the job for her spontaneity, intelligence and people skills.

6. Natasha

After getting experience behind the scenes at Flytime and the Amazons TV Show, Natasha thinks it is time to get behind the microphone. The alumnus of Environmental Science from the National Open University of Nigeria enjoys a round of tennis, cooking and DIY projects.

She has a natural passion for entertainment, gist and gossip and for her, it is her ticket to become the final contestant.

7. Ope

Ope wants to become the next Pulse TV Strivia presenter because she has a passion for the media and a strong desire to work in that space.

The University of Lagos alumnus enjoys conversations. After leaving with a degree in Creative Arts, she cut her teeth with Jumia and the online magazine, Temptations.

8. Wumi

Wumi is a graduate of Mass Communications from Ogun State University who has already begun to gather experience in the media space. In the years since she left school, she has interned at City FM and worked with Xpose Media in various capacities.

She thinks of herself as an outgoing person and this desire to work and interact with people inspired her decision to enter the Pulse TV Strivia Search.

9. Linus

27-year old Linus enjoys obvious and not-so-obvious hobbies. Having studied Sports and Exercise Science, he is always open to time at the gym, working out and playing football.

He also enjoys reading books and magazines. Before competing in the Pulse TV Strivia Search, he spent time at Soundcity Radio and on a one-day gig with City FM.

10. Sophie

Another alumnus of the University of Lagos, Sophie has spent time honing her skills as an intern at SoundCity TV. She says she hardly goes out but loves to dance when she gets the chance.

Sophie believes she should get the gig because although she might take her time, she adapts easily and enjoys the balance between fun and more serious stuff on the Pulse platform.