The events of the last six days within the National Assembly reminds me of the Netflix TV series, House of Cards.

The TV series is about the Democratic senator Frank Underwood uses his ruthlessness and gift for coming up with diabolical schemes to plot his way to The White House.

Underwood comes up with delicate and intricate plans to get rid of his opponents and advance his mission, to become the President of the United States. In his quest for power, nothing is beneath him, there is no level he won't stoop to become POTUS.

At the heart of the defection-Olympics in Nigeria's legislative arm is the Senate President Bukola Saraki. A target of corruption charges and an unbelievable link to an armed robbery sting in his home state, Saraki has deftly evaded all the attacks against him. Just like Frank Underwood, when you think you have boxed him in a corner, he pulls out a joker.

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House of Cards starts off with Frank Underwood rejected for the Secretary of State role which he had worked hard for all his life. He heavily campaigned for the Democratic presidential candidate on the promise that he will be made Secretary. When the candidate became the POTUS he pulled the deal and told Underwood to still stick in the House of Assembly where he was a very influential Chief Whip.

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This rejection had Underwood reeling and made him start planning his revenge. He got rid of the Secretary of State his nominee and got his candidate the job. He then manoeuvred his way to become Vice-President.

When the APC swept into power in 2015, Bukola Saraki wasn't the choice for the position of Senate President. He, however, pulled a mini-coup within his party to get the position, in defiance of the choice of the powers that be in the APC.

We cannot deny that Saraki is a force within the Senate. Just like Underwood who was a very influential Chief Whip, he determines how the Senate leans.

In the first couple of seasons of House of Cards, you will see how Frank Underwood makes the legislative bend to his will which sometimes did not align with the best interests of the Executive.

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No one is saying Saraki is capable or has committed any of Frank Underwood's many crimes but you can't help notice that both men are skillful in pushing their agenda forward despite the opposition.

Frank Underwood no longer exists thanks to the predatory behaviour of who plays the role of the Machiavellian character. We can, however, watch Saraki's moves and how it would affect the 2019 elections.