Twitter NG is an interesting enclave. Though Twitter is a fertile ground for never ending conversations, Twitter Nigeria has an “X factor” to its own fabric. That X factor is “the Nigerian trait” of it for better or worse.

What is “The Nigerian trait”?

The Nigerian trait represents the positivity of our attitude when we band up for the same cause. An example of this is when we teamed up to diss Ghanaians and Kenyans when they threw shade at Nigeria.

On the flipside, there is the negativity, toxicity and divisive nature when we remotely disagree on any topic. A hot topic example of this has to do with gender equality.

While Nigerian Twitter has grown to become very interesting  it can really be a madhouse when we disagree. At the height of this worrying trend, one misses the era of banter when we all wanted to seem smart with our fabricated bios while we tweeted about songs and 'set p' in the DMs — this was 2009–2010–2011 Twitter, before our egos matured as a generation or when we became woke.

Then, we were all young kids with half-baked opinions on life. Who knew 'ignorance is bliss' will prove so useful and positive in the context of reason, what an irony.

These days, asides the perpetually energized, volatile market of gender wars where anything goes there are always sides to every argument, with each side constantly battling for supremacy.

The worst set of people are the ones who just want to be right and not be trifled with. Everyone feels like an island of knowledge.

The Case of Entitlement

At the base of everything all is entitlement. Everyone wants to be perceived as an authority. On the one part; you see the ones with regularly high numbers of likes and retweets talking straight our of their empty houses. They know that no matter what they tweet, their cronies will egg them on and scream “dansaki!” all the way.

They are drunk and high off the power. In their little nests of ignorance, retweets and likes mean popularly accepted opinions. These ones are typically entitled to rightness by default.

On the other hand, you have the ones with little to no retweets and likes and hungry for same trying to get some virality, so they find the surest enclave to join to get an identity by going against every naysayer to their crusade.

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This entitlement sometimes moonlights as anger, other times as ignorant confidence and some times, as a cry for help from the perpetually angry ones who think they are just joking. In this reality, everything gets lumped up.

Arguments That Lack Context

The overall consequence of the foregoing is arguments that lack context. Everyone interprets tweets through their entitled glasses and almost intentionally neglect context to argue even when there is no forthcoming reason.

Asides Wizkid and Cristiano Ronaldo fans who are on a whole different planet of comical entitlement close to degenerating into a severe medical condition, there are some terrible specimens out there who just want to criticize.

There is a difference between subtle shading and perpetual madness. “Berserking” has become the default mode for some Twitter Nigeria account holders and the only thing they want to do is abuse. It’s sickening.

Equally, over the weekend, some people simply tweeted concern for Wizkid’s weight. What ensued for most of them was a bloodbath.

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We Can’t Always Blame Wokeness

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This era might have coincided with the Nigerian era of “wokeness” but it will be lazy to blame wokeness. We are better off blaming degenerative and negative confidence.

It’s good be confident and analytical, but when reason eludes you, no matter how analytical you are, you will always end up with a pathetic viewpoint and make a mockery of your intelligence.

The problem is not that these people are gullible, they are not. They have just chosen to only attack before evaluating. It’s worse when they have something in for whoever tweets an opinion.

Twitter NG has become a gathering of self-employed custodians of rightness who cannot even define good things in their own lives. Life is hard, but Twitter is not where to take out your anger on innocent people, without context.

Our children are looking up to use to show them the way. Is this the legacy we want to create? Is this the idea of diverse perspective and freedom of speech we want to create?

What is the modern, democratic world without freedom of speech. Asides the fundamental right entrenched by several laws across the world, it is a human right. If you can’t take another person’s opinion, you placenta has not been tied to the place, you can move on.

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I promise you, you will not die. It’s a long shot advising anybody to get out of those pitiful haze. Most people described under this heading are in their 20s. They might not be beyond change, but change is a choice and sadly, it remains to be seen whether they are capable of it.

In case the toxicity has gotten on your nerves, just mute, block or unfollow for the sake of good health and your sanity.