Adeola is not averse to her husband getting married to another woman as long as he can take care of both families but she is angry that a woman she took as a sister is the one her husband insists on getting married to.

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" My name is Adeola, a 38-year-old married woman with five children. I have been married for 15 years to Dare but my marriage is on the verge of collapse due to his insistence of getting married to my best friend.

I did not know that Dare had been secretly dating my friend, Bimpe, who is a single mother of three children until he told me of his plans to make her his wife.

At first, I was aghast and thought he was joking until I confronted her and she told me she and dare had been dating for over three years and that he had gone to meet her family and told them of his intention to marry her.

It is not the fact that Dare wants to get married to another woman that is making me very angry, after all, he has the means to take care of more than one wife but my anger is the fact that of all the women in Lagos, it is my friend, someone I took as a sister that he decided to get married to.

Bimpe and I had been friends for over 10 years and I have always been there for her through thick and thin. She is someone who is not fortunate to stay with a man as all the men who got her pregnant always left her.

I have been the one helping her whenever she ran into financial difficulties and took her children as mine. The kids could come to our house anytime they wanted and were very free with me as I saw them as my own children.

Anytime I traveled to Dubai to buy stock for my shop, I would make sure I bought things for Bimpe and her children, not knowing she was biting the fingers that fed her.

I have begged Dare never to disgrace me by making Bimpe my co-wife but he insists on making her his wife because he is in love with her. I have also talked to Bimpe and promised to give her enough money to replenish her shop but she told me that Dare is the only one who makes her happy.

Many of my friends have told me to make sure the marriage does not work while some have said I should insist on dare getting another apartment for Bimpe but I am at a loss on what to do.

I don't want to lose my home, neither would I be alive to allow my husband get married to a woman I see as my best friend.


The teaser for the day was:

What should Adeola do to stop her husband from marrying her friend?

How Nigeria voted:

Adeola should make sure dare does not marry Bimpe - 15%

Adeola should just accept the situation as it is - 27%

Adeola should insist Dare get another house for Bimpe - 50%

Adeola should talk to her friend to leave her husband alone - 8%

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