Readers want a man whose boss took over his wife to let him keep her

Pulse Nigeria Poll voters agree that a wife who was snatched should be let go.

A really worried man

A Pulse reader, Abel Okon, sent in this very pathetic letter on how his boss snatched his wife from him:

"My name is Abel Okon and I am in a serious dilemma now that I need urgent advice before I commit murder.

The situation is so dicey that I feel helpless and the only way out may be to take a life or two. I work as general service man for a businessman and I live with my family in his boys quarter. I am just about what you would call the man Friday because I act as his cook, cleaner, laundry man, gate man, gardener and just about anything.

My boss has done me more harm than good as he has , , and even got her pregnant.

Though Rose and I are not married officially, we have been living together for five years and she has two children for me and her family knows me and I have been praying for things to get better so that I could go to her home and do the right thing.

But as it stands, she has stabbed me in the back. I noticed that when my boss came back last December, he bought so many things for her and my children and I was so grateful. Little did I know that he had an ulterior motive.

Another things struck me because anytime he was at home, he would send me on errands that would take me to far places and sometimes, I would be away for hours.

My first child once told me that anytime I went out, my boss would invite his mother to do something for him and she would spend a long time in his house, but I never took it to mind.

There was a time I also noticed that she was going into the main house at odd hours and when I asked her, she said the man wanted her to do one thing or the other for him and this was something I could not ask him.

Since then, anytime he came, my wife would have a new attitude, behaving like she has seen a long lost lover.

The scales were lifted off my eyes last months with my wife already six months pregnant and I was busy making plans for the birth when my boss came back and called me and my wife and told me that the pregnancy my wife carries belongs to him and he wanted to take her abroad so that she would give birth there.

I was shocked when my wife also confirmed that the man is the father of the baby she is carrying and that they have been sleeping together for long under my very nose.

He even had the guts to tell me that since I did not pay any dowry on her, then she was legally not my wife and that he plans to take her to her village and do the necessary things before taking her out of the country.

At present, I do not know what steps to take.


The teaser for the day was:

How Nigeria voted:

61% - I will let him have her

30% - I will make sure he pays for the damages he has done

9% - It will be good riddance to bad rubbish

How would you vote?


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