You can call it self preservation but almost 92 percent of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters, (presumably women), are of the view that they would prefer their husbands keeping a mistress they do not know about, to bringing home a second wife.

This was the feedback from the PNP poser put up on the topic:

Would you prefer your husband to marry a second wife or to keep a mistress?

Part of the post reads:

No woman loves competition and if they have their ways, they would never share their husbands with another woman.

Be that as it may, most men, especially in these parts, believe they have the right have more than one wife.

But some women have never been comfortable with this arrangements and if they can help it, they would even prefer their husbands keeping a mistress, or even visiting brothels, to bringing home a second wife.

How Nigeria voted:

92% - I prefer him getting a mistress

8% - Getting a second wife is the best option

How would you vote here?