92% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters are all in agreement that men are also victims of rape by women as against the general notion that

This is the Morning Teaser where we raised the question:

'Whenever rape is mentioned, the idea that quickly comes to mind is that of a man forcefully having sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent. It is even worse when the victim is a minor. There are laws that stipulate tough punishments for rape offenders.

For example, the criminal laws of Lagos State stipulate that any  man  who rapes a woman or girl without her consent is guilty of rape and is liable to imprisonment for life.

But the law is somehow silent on the issue of women raping men as it makes it clear that it is only men and not women that can commit the offense called  rape.

There are quite a few misconceptions about both rape, and basic physiology that leads to questions like these are that it is naturally impossible for men to be raped by women, the assumption being that men are physically stronger than women, and as such, would be quite impossible for them to be raped.

A sex expert, , has come to the conclusion that physical violence is not a necessary component in rape as sex with an incapacitated person who is unable to consent is seen as rape. Also coercing a person to have sex by way of making threats is rape.

In some jurisdictions, all sex with people under the age of consent is considered statutory rape, meaning that if an older woman has sex with a younger male, even if he agreed to the act, then it is rape.

According to Kjørstad, even in the cases where violence is involved, it is true that the average man is substantially stronger than the average woman, but it's not true that all men are stronger than all women.

Psychological readiness to use violence is often as important as raw strength anyway, being physically capable of defending oneself does not always translate to being psychologically capable of doing so.

In this part of the world, however, people do not think a man can be raped and even if a man comes out to report that a woman raped him, he would be looked at with scorn. Try reporting to the police that a woman raped you and the derision with which they will look at you would make you even regret making the report in the first place.

Some others think a man should even enjoy the fact that a woman had sex with him without his consent.'

The teaser for the day was:

Can a woman rape a man?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, there are women who can rape a man - 92%

No, a man cannot be raped by a woman - 8%

Such a man should even count himself lucky - 10%

The society will mock any man who comes out to make such a report - 12%

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