The crime rate in Nigeria is quite amazing and keeps growing by the day. Despite efforts by the security forces to curb crime, it

There can be many different causes of crime and studies conducted all around the world to understand and bring down criminal activities have been futile as youths engage in crimes for several reasons.

It is a constant endeavor of the government at different levels and security organizations in the country to bring down crime rates but various factors encourage it directly and indirectly.

In Nigeria, different forms of crimes are committed on a daily basis ranging from armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, murder, burglary, financial crimes, cyber crimes, fraud, terrorism and lots more.

Here, we take a look at the top 10 causes of crime in the country.

1. Poverty

Poverty and economic deprivation have been seen to be the number cause of crime in the country.

In a country where economic deprivation persists often drive its citizens to take to crime to survive.

People are often driven to great lengths of desperation by poverty and this is a major cause of crime.

The fact that such frustration is created is in itself a very dangerous thing for society on the whole as global inflation has risen significantly over the last few years.

In a society where the rich get richer and the poor keep battling with survival, crime is sure to persist.

2. Family Conditions

Closely related to poverty is the family condition that leads the youths to commit crimes.

There are a lot of things that go on in families that often cause people to get into a life of crime and here again lies the factor of deprivation.

People who are neglected by their families and do not get the love and attention that they desire also get into criminal activities.

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Some youths feel they need to cater for their poor families and this can also force them into a life of crime.

3. Peer Pressure

Some youths take to crime because they see their mates going into it and they want to be accepted. Crimes like cultism are often traced to peer pressure.

Youths who lack the strong will to resist what they see from their peers often try their hands in crime so as to measure up.

4. The Society

The society, starting from the home, church and the community also contribute to the high rate of crime in the country.

In a society where wealth is worshiped without caring where and how such wealth is made inadvertently push youths into crimes.

There are families who compare their children to others and see them as failures because they have not measured up.

Some parents are even in the habit of comparing their own children to others, especially those they see as being successful.

Those who flaunt their wealth in the society also force the younger ones to want to be like them and as such, the crime rates rise by the day.

5. Drugs

Drugs are a bane in the society because a person who is addicted to drugs and is unable to support his addiction more often than not, end up in a life of crime to fuel their habits.

Most violent criminals end up blaming drugs for their involvement in crimes.

6. Unemployment

The skyrocketing unemployment in the country is another reason the youths take to crime to support themselves.

A situation where one goes through school and end up jobless for many years is a clear invitation into a world of crime.

7. Politics

Politics is often a cause of crime. The quest for political power lead politicians into arming the youths with dangerous weapons to serve as thugs during electioneering campaigns but after they get into power, they forget the youths and they have to use the guns to fend for themselves.

8. Deprivation

This is another serious cause of crime in the country, especially where the youths see that they are being deprived of what should rightly belong to them.

The unending crisis in the Niger Delta is as a result of deprivation where the youths of the region see that the oil gotten from their communities brings only hardship and sorrows to them and their people.

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To get even and make their voices heard, they take to crime and in the end, the destruction in untold.

9. Regionalism

Closely related to deprivation is regionalism and this is a major cause of crime and unrest among people.

People that harbor such regionalist feelings often go to great lengths to commit crimes against other communities.

This fact is often ignored by people and the government as they too are caught up in classifications of people by region. It is often that a victim of such regionalism gets influenced and enters the world of crimes.

9. Religion

In Nigeria where religion is like an opium, most crimes are committed along religious lines.

Some preachers stoke the embers of violence and urge their adherents to see anyone who is not of the same religion as enemies.

The unrest often experienced in some parts of the country, especially in the north, can be traceable to religion.

10. Unfair judicial system

Victims of unfair judicial systems often turn to crime as a last resort and a rebellion against the society.

It often happens that a person is a victim of chance and happens to fall into crimes. Where one is falsely accused or convicted on trumped up charges, chances are that he would become more hardened and filled with anger, he will take up arms against the society.

The prisons in Nigeria lacks the capability of reforming criminals and where such is lacking, the victim is thrown into the dungeon with hardened criminals and instead of reformation, he becomes a better criminal having learned from the masters.

The declassification of people in prisons is also a major cause of crime creation.