There are 5 ways to identify a Yoruba demon but who is a Yoruba demon in the first place?

This term is just another name for a playboy of Yoruba origin.

The term surfaced online circa 2015 and since then it has been used to describe dashing young men from South-Western Nigeria who have a habit of breaking the hearts of ladies.

While viewed by some as an ethnic slur, the term has come to stay. So how do you spot these heart breakers who have inspired threads, sad love stories and juicy gossip?

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Well, there are 5 pointers below you can use to identify Yoruba demons.

1) Slick tongue

Yoruba demons have a way with words. They can charm anyone just by speaking to them for a few minutes. If a Yoruba demon toasts you, he will leave you feeling like the only woman in the world. They have a way with words that would melt the hardest of hearts. Seduction is on the tip of their tongues and if they use it on you, you will be hooked.

2) Good dressers

Yoruba demons know how to slay and dress to kill. Their sense of fashion and style is engineered to attract the feminine eye. They are mostly associated with the classic white trad outfit that has caught the hearts of many women. It is hard to resist a Yoruba demon when he is rocking a white agbada. As a matter of fact, it is hard to resist them when they rock their Sunday’s best to toast you.

3) Late replies

Yoruba demons are masters of deception on instant messaging apps. If you send him a message and he leaves you stuck on R for hours, my sister you are talking with a demon of the Yoruba kind. If he removes read receipts on his Whatsapp and never replies because he is “busy” then he is a Yoruba demon.

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4) Surrounded by beautiful women

A Yoruba demon is always surrounded by beautiful women. If you ask him these women are just his friends and relatives. Sometimes he might even tell you that hot chick who followed him to an event is his sister. Don’t believe the lies, he has a bunch of women he has on rotation and he wants you to be a part of it.

5) Never picks up his phone

So you are on a date with this guy and you notice that women are constantly calling him on his phone and he never picks up. This is a strong sign that he is a Yoruba demon.