A former drug pusher who was once a courier for barons has opened up on his experiences while he was active in the trade.

The mule who spoke to Pulse exclusively narrated how at one time, he had to swallow 86 pellets of drugs which he smuggled into the country from Brazil for N700,000.

The retired drug pusher who kept on urging youths not to go into drug trafficking due to the dangers in it, said one of his friends died in the process after the drugs got burst in his stomach.

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He also took a swipe at the traders at the Alaba International Market, saying many of them are into money rituals and drug trafficking while using their status as traders to cover up.

Enjoy the excerpts from the video.

Pulse: How would you describe yourself?

I dey stay for this hood, at Alaba International Market, where many many things dey go down. The street no easy o. Life in the street no easy at all.

Things are hard, very very hard. Things don dey hard since o. Me am from a very poor background. No levels.

Alaba International na blood money full am. If you no belong, you go move ahead.

Pulse: So how do you survive in this hood?

Na to play along nah. Na to play along. If you can't beat them, you join them. Shebi na so Oyibo talk am. You dey ask me whether I fit do wetin dem dey do. If I get the chance, I go do am. I fit do am because my situation too bad.

Pulse: You said one of your friends have died in this hustle.

Yes, my friend don die. Rest in peace to him. Na me and him go when we carry the drugs. Him die after one year and some months. Him name na Arinze. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

No long thing. If the government can intervene in our matter, this kind sh++t no go happen. But if the offer comes again, I can do it because I did it before but I don't advise anybody to do it o.

It is not good but if I fit get work wey I go dey get salary every month, I will not do it. If I get a job, wetin go make me carry cocaine go abroad? My papa no do am, my grandpapa no do am, my great grand papa no do am; so why me? It is not good.

Pulse: And nobody is ready to help you?

Nobody. My brother wey dey abroad now for the past eight years never send me one dollar since wey him travel.

Pulse: Which condition you dey wey make you do those things?

I do many things o; many things.

Pulse: Just tell us one of those things you did.

Drugs now. I joined them before and like I told you, if you can't beat them you join them.

Pulse: But you no get cash, so wetin carry you go abroad?

I go carry cocaine. Yes, I did drugs. I go abroad go carry cocaine enter this country.

Pulse: You carry go or you go carry am come?

I go there go carry am come. I swallow the cocaine bring am into Nigeria. I thank God nothing happened to me but I had to do it to survive.

Okay, tell us to be very sure you went abroad to smuggle cocaine. How did it happen, how you got the links and how did you do it? Just don't give us names.

I met one boss that I had been serving for a while.  I dey very loyal to am and when him come see me and I tell am say I need help, na him tell me make I come go.

I no get choice that time because hungry dey catch me. As I am talking to you now, I get three children and a wife that I had to feed.

So I gree to go and carry the drugs. I swallowed them and I almost died. Even when I dey swallow am like eba, I dey ask myself wetin be dis.

When I got to Ethiopia, I took another flight to Egypt and from there, I connected a flight to Abuja. When I land Abuja, I come back to Lagos.

When I was stooling the drugs, my nyash be like say dem dey disvirgin me.

Pulse: Like how many you swallow?

I swallowed 86 pieces (pellets).

Pulse: How much does it cost to smuggle the drugs?

Na just small money, between N600, 000 to N700, 000, though the money helped me at that period because I had no choice.

But I will say it is not a good thing. I no fit advise anybody make dem do am. No be good thing. Do you know that somebody died from that same thing?

Pulse: Was it someone you know?

Yes, I met him in Brazil. The drug burst for him belle. The thing burst because dem no tie am well and the guy died. The other one I met in Ethiopia was shouting.

He dey shout, dey shout, come call the airport attendants, say make dem come o, say him swallow cocaine, say the thing don burst for him belle, say him no do as e dey do am o. Na Nigerian guy also.

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Na the airport attendants come carry am go hospital wey dem operate am bring out the cocaine from him belle. But thank God him no die. I go talk am again say no be good thing.

Pulse: So what are you looking forward to right now that you have this opportunity to talk to the public?

First of all, I wan beg government make dem help our youths. We dey suffer for this country. And two, make the youths stay away from violence. Violence no good. I don taste am well well; see my teeth. One no dey."

Watch the video here.