Mainstream folks flock to

The cool kids of the Internet, however, prefer to express themselves on Tumblr, the microblogging site that never truly went mainstream. Tumblr is where you find the "too cool for mainstream" kids.

In this world of underground artistic hub of coolness and wokeness, Places + Faces is the dopest of all the millions of accounts on the site. Within the space of three years, the Tumblr account has blown up.

Places + Faces is a photography, design and fashion Tumblr site created by Nigerian Solomon Boyede and Gambian Imran Ciesay. The duo who live in London has snapped some of the coolest photos you would ever see of your favourite rappers from Drake to Travis Scott. The site also has a bit of Nigerian sauce featuring the likes of Davido.

Boyede and Imran evolved the site after their gif pictures of the world's coolest rappers became a hit. Places + Faces is now into merchandise. Their gear can now be found from London to Japan.

Speaking to Okay Africa, Solomon Boyede, also known as Soulz talked about how Places + Faces started.

"It sparked mainly from creative curiosity and boredom. My partner Ciesay was in New York back in 2013 when a lot of albums were dropping and he would always have his camera and take photos at listening parties for artists like and .

"On the other hand, I was in London attending and taking photos at a lot of concerts for artists like and to name a few. So we just decided to make a photography blog and together Places+Faces was born" Soulz told Okay Africa.

Soulz also added that his proud Nigerian heritage influenced P+F. "Nigeria is very proud country, which has inspired me to be proud of who I am at all times."

Places + Faces also has an active YouTube channel that captures the travels of the co-founders.

To the uninitiated, the Tumblr site is just a bunch of photos but to the cool and trippy squad, Places + Faces gives them a layered glimpse of their best stars, and access to cool clothes also.