The animosity that exists between former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode and billionaire businessman cum politician, Jimoh Ibrahim, will not go away in a very long while.

The two strong men who lit up the Twitter space with their war of word earlier today are not ready to sheathe their swords as they have continued to throw barbs at each other all day as they have invented a new hashtag, #PlsHelpMeTell as they fire shots at each other.

As the exchange go on, it has become dirtier and messier with both men trying to outdo one another in the use of gutter language.

But trust FFK in the use of the street words as he has been able to hit Ibrahim real deep.

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Read their new exchange here:

"Pls tell Jimoh Ibrahim that his overstretched anus from his sodomy activities needs to be stitched up and his schizophrenic must be treated.

Tell Jimoh Ibrahim that I do not owe banks money; I do not buy companies and destroy them; I do not owe my workers salary and I do not brag.

Whether Jimoh the pig likes it or not, he will NOT be our candidate on Saturday and Ewill p We shall win!

Pls tell Jimoh that my father was not a bricklayer, my mother was not a fish seller, I do not owe banks and salaries and I never married a dog.

Pls tell Jimoh Ibrahim that his room in Kirikiri is under construction. It will be ready for him by 2019 when his friends have left power.

Pls tell Jimoh Ibrahim that I have plenty of jollof rice in my house and I don't dance for food. Also, ask him how many men he sodomised and how many dead bodies he slept with before he made some change and left the pigsty.

I have given Jimoh the pig enough of my time. I will tell him the rest face to face whenever and wherever I see him. I look forward to that.

Finally, I hear that Jimoh the pig just lost his appeal at the Supreme Court and that he has been referred back to the Court of Appeal. Poor little piggy.

We better leave him alone. He has far more to worry about now than my tweets. As promised, when  I see him eyeball to eyeball, we shall continue this. That is a date and a promise that I will most certainly keep.

Out of deference to my followers, I have decided not to continue to engage Jimoh the pig any further. Thanks for your concern. Shalom."

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Jimoh Ibrahim too did not want to be left out, so he fired back:

"Tell Femi Fani-Kayode that my father was never called a traitor. I never married more than ONCE and I don't have a room in Kuje Prison.

Please help me to ask Femi Fani-Kayode that how many plates of Jollof rice do I need to get him served before he sings and dances for me?"

See the tweet exchanges here.

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