We all have heard tales or witnessed tales of the frustrating mother (monster) in-law tales. So here is a payback for all the times she has troubled you.

The only rule this game has is simple, ‘DO NOT GET CAUGHT!!!’

At least these are six things better than wishing early death on your mother-in-law.

1. Make her a bad cook.

Sneak in; add more pepper and salt whenever she is cooking…. SIMPLE.

2. No more African magic.

If she watches only African magic, there are numerous mobile remote control apps, simply change the station from your mobile and tell her the African magic station has closed down.

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3. 50 shades of Grey

Make her believe has the same story line as .

4. Make her do all the work

If any time she comes to your home she turns you into a house help, cook a lie. “I have a finger fungal disease that prevents me from dipping my hand into water.”

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5. Play a classical music

I hope you know classical songs stands as Valium to most African mother-in-law. Tell her Chioma Jesus was featured in the song, she would sure be eager to listen.

6. Make her weed and fly

Add weed to her vegetable soup. Marijuana changes people!!!