We hear that the church, Perfect Christianity Ministries, Surulere, Lagos, was thrown into festivity as his members, friends and well-wishers thronged the place to rejoice with the man of the moment and he actually turned the occasion into a money spinner.

The reports had it that he actually said that his arrest for the ritual offense was God’s way of advertising the church to attract more worshipers. As members gave testimonies, the event was then turned into an avenue to collect offering.

After one particular testimony praising the Pastor reportedly said; and that motivated congregation shoved their way to the altar, tossing notes at feet of his feet.

Towards end of the session, the Apostle told the story of how he became the pillar of finance in his own family after he of N150, 000 in another church.

He touched three different poles in the church and called out to the congregation to pay the sums of N100, 000, N30, 000 and N10, 000 and touch the respective poles with him so that they could become pillars of finance in their own families as well.