Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian Sikh woke up to a social media nightmare when he discovered that a photoshopped version of his bathroom mirror selfie was circulating on social media as a photograph of one of the terrorists behind the Paris attacks.

After some media outlets saw Jubbal’s photo circulating. One of the largest papers in Spain published his photo on the front page as if he had been involved in the Paris attacks.

Another Spanish television TG24 tweeted Jubbal’s image to its 1.98 million followers.

This is the original photo.

Apparently, other social media users noticed and verified the picture is fake.

Truly, when examined closely, the image appears to have been photoshopped. It includes many elements that would be unlikely for a member of a radical Islamist sect.

Jubbal himself tweeted that he had no idea why anyone could do that to him:

And he is definitely going to sue.

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