The night is cold, silent and … Everyone seems to be asleep in the vicinity after a long day. But in the midst of the calmness, in an average furnished home in a suburb, a girl-child is weeping silently.

Tears that can only be shed in secret, has become a norm for her and cannot be shown to anyone lest she receives more punishment. What is her crime? Being a female blossoming into a woman. Who is her punisher? The one who is supposed to be protecting her is raping her. Who might this be? Her Father. And the story goes on….The above story like many other different stories of life happens to different people at different times and places. And sometimes the people going through such a situation find it difficult to communicate these issues to the nearest person. This is where 'Opinions with Olayemi' takes up the challenge. 'Opinions with Olayemi' is a radio programme that runs on Rainbow 94.1fm every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm. It focuses on issues ranging from relationship, marriage, workplace, family etc. It is a forum where anything that is ethical is spoken about .Talking about life issues can be a bit daunting but with Olayemi Akande, the issues are handled with the sensitivity and care they deserve.

The show is Co-sponsored by Fidson Healthcare Plc through it's ASTYMIN 'GET ALERT' promo and Anchor Insurance Company Limited.

In a world where issues are constantly being swept under the carpet or ignored, We need a channel that will say it as it is and allow the public help talk about it. That channel is 'OPINIONS WITH OLAYEMI'