Following the terrible attack on herself and her daughter,

The incident which took place on April 30, 2016, saw the mother and daughter stabbed within an inch of their lives by an obsessed suitor of the deceased identified as David Ogundele.

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Recounting the horrible tale of how she lost her 30-year-old daughter who had been an MTN worker to a maniac, and with scars to show for it, Mrs Ashinwo told her story.

“I was dead; I don’t know why God brought me back. But I am sure I was dead that day. I tried to crawl and touch my daughter but my strength failed. I could see she was not breathing. There was blood everywhere; mine and my daughter’s.”

The day of the attack had been the first time Mrs Ashinwo laid eyes on 45-year-old Ogundele, although he had been pestering her on the phone before then.

“The first time we spoke, he called me and introduced himself as Engineer David. He told me he was my daughter’s friend and I should help him to appeal to my daughter to marry him.

“I was surprised but I told him that my daughter was a 30-year-old woman. She was free to make her own decision about who to marry.

“He called again some weeks later and said he and my daughter had settled the issue.

“The next time, he called, he was very angry. He said he had never been humiliated the way my daughter humiliated him. It was few days after my daughter’s birthday. He said he organised a birthday party for her and invited his friends and even bought a car as a gift but she did not honour the invitation."

“I did not know what to say. My daughter already had a car and already has someone else she wanted to marry. I told him not to be annoyed and forget about the issue since my daughter had made up her mind.

“Prior to April 30, I started having some bad dreams about my daughter and became really concerned. I decided that it was time to go and check on her to know how she was doing.

“On my way to Ilorin, the man (Ogundele) called again and said as soon as I get to Ilorin, he would come and pick me at the park. I said nothing. But since I did not even know him I went straight to my daughter’s place without calling him.

“When I met my daughter, she took me to a woman, who seemed to be her confidante. We ate and the woman told me that my daughter had a fight with one man called Engineer David that day and the man threatened to kill her.

“I did not waste time; I stood up and told her I must report to the police. But my daughter told me to let the matter go. She said I was just making a big issue out of a small matter.

“She said that was why she did not like telling me some things some times. I let the matter go because I did not want to be like an overzealous mother.”

Not suspecting any danger, the mother and daughter returned from an outing on that fateful day only to be cornered in the house by Ogundele.

“He entered and locked the door behind him and put the key in his pocket. I had just finished bathing when my daughter called out to me that he was in the flat. I quickly dressed and prepared to meet the man that had been disturbing me so much with calls. When I saw him, I said ‘Good day, pleased to meet you’ and he replied that ‘there is nothing good about today.’

“As soon as I saw him, I sighted the knife he was holding. I asked him what the problem was and he kept quiet. I did not understand what was happening. He was saying so many things I did not understand. I asked him if my daughter owed him anything. I promised to pay back everything. He said she did not owe him anything. He was just angry.

“I told him that even if they offended each other, it should not be that bad that it would require the use of a knife. I told them they could still be friends. When I realised he had no intension of dropping the knife, I went down on my knees. I was begging him to drop the knife. Then, he came to where I knelt and carried me up.

“Just when I thought the issue would end, he rushed at Tosin and held her down on the bed. He started stabbing her furiously. As my daughter screamed, I rushed at him. I could not just stand and he started stabbing me too  all over the body.”

Mrs Ashinwo suffered 10 stab wounds all over her torso by the time Ogundele was through, after which he dropped the bloody knife and locked the victims in the room.

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Fortunately for Mrs Ashinwo, someone had been in a kitchen behind her daughter's bedroom, who heard her voice and called for help. Sadly, it had been too late for Oluwatosin who was pronounced dead upon her arrival at the hospital.

Although Ogundele was apprehended by the police with the help of undercover agents in Osun state on May 14, he is yet to be charged to court for his crime, a fact that Mrs Ashinwo finds overwhelming.

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.