Oleum SYN Dazzles at OTL Exhibition

Oando Marketing Plc. recently showcased its Synthetic Lubricant, Oleum SYN, at the just concluded Oil Trading & Logistics 2015 Downstream Africa Exhibition.

As the third largest consumers of lubricating oils in Africa, Nigeria can gain a lot economically from the lubricant industry. The resurgence of industrialization and constant influx of more fuel-efficient vehicles suggest that the Nigerian lubricant industry has a large potential for expansion, with limitless opportunities for job creation in the various sectors concerned.

The future of the Nigerian lubricant industry is upbeat as recent data and research reveal that by 2022, the current consumption per annum of approximately 350,000 - 400,000 metric tons will double due to the rising increase in vehicle population. Modernization of the automobile industry and industrial machinery is also generating the need for higher quality lubricants like multi-grade and Synthetic oils with the creation of highly advanced car engines and equipment year in, year out.

Oando Marketing Plc., a major player in the Nigerian market, is fully prepared for this long-term growth as it has upgraded its equipment nationwide, launched its world-class Synthetic lubricant - Oleum SYN, and continuously conducts researches to stay abreast of market trends and technological advancements.

The fully synthetic lubricant OLEUM SYN, is a high performance lubricant product scientifically formulated with cleansing technology and designed for  highly advanced modern petrol engines comprising turbo charged engines. The product is available in 4Ltr and 1Ltr bottles and is formulated to meet the highest specifications in terms of the choice in raw materials, product formulations, packaging, and vehicle performance level.

Oando Marketing Plc. recently showcased its Synthetic Lubricant, Oleum SYN, at the just concluded Oil Trading & Logistics 2015 Downstream Africa Exhibition. Activities at its exhibition booth included a live oil change demonstration with Oleum SYN, using a luxury vehicle.

The Head of Lubricants, Oando Marketing Plc., Lilian Ikokwu emphasized the company’s commitment to quality at the exhibition. Highlighting Oleum as a renowned brand, she reiterated that sourcing and utilizing top quality raw materials is key in its production process. She explained thus “every litre of Oleum SYN is made of top quality base oils and additives; the output is certified by a highly equipped laboratory. What this means is that each time you purchase a bottle of Oando Oleum SYN, you are buying top quality grade in line with international industry standards.”

Ensuring efficient customer satisfaction and reach, Oando Marketing has invested in 12 warehouses nationwide, guaranteeing availability of Oleum SYN in all stations and subsidiaries in West Africa.

Dahiru Mohammed, Lubricant Research and Development Manager added that Oando Marketing has invested a lot in product development. “We have done a lot of research and market study to understand and meet consumer requirements in terms of reliability, thereby ensuring the premium quality of our product, quality of caps, security involved, labels and eventually the seal on the bottle with regards to credit integrity”, he stated.

The demand for fully synthetic lubricants is on the rise to meet regulatory standards for lower greenhouse gas emissions and enhanced fuel economy. OLEUM SYN helps in minimizing engine noise, conditions, protecting engines from the extra stress encountered in traffic situations. It comes in the attractive revamped bottle packaging now common to their lubricant range, and is known as the transformer bottle with new features such as an easier grip, and neck configured for easier flow.

The research firm, Markets and Markets projects that on a global level, the total market for engine oils will grow from $140 billion in 2013 to $162 billion in 2019. A major part of this growth is expected to be driven by motor oil, engine lubricants and other transportation goods.

As a forward thinking organization, Oando Marketing recognizes such progress requires commitment and in recent times have invested in world-class facilities for better output. According to the CEO Oando Downstream, Abayomi Awobokun, “We have invested in new production lines and upgraded our facility with all equipment optimized to improve efficiency”. He added that Oando Marketing is the first Nigerian company to attain SON’s Integrated Management System certification (IMS) combination of ISO 14001(environmental management system) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health and safety management), hence a guarantee of quality production while ensuring safety of employees and preservation of the environment, this is what obtains internationally.

Visitors at the Oando exhibition stand, expressed their satisfaction at the world class qualities and benefits of using OLEUM SYN. Tobi Adepoju said, “…just from the packaging, you can tell that a lot of thought and research has gone into the production of this lubricant. The Oleum range is something I will definitely try.”

“I’ve never really been concerned about oil changes, I just leave such decisions to be made by my mechanic, but visiting the stand and hearing first-hand about Oleum Syn and the other range of Oleum products, I feel more concerned about what is being used in my car and with all I have heard today, It only seems right to use Oleum.” Bolanle Ajikowo, an investment analyst explained.

OLEUM SYN is one of the products from a wide range of Oando’s lubricants that also have their raw materials locally sourced and blended, supervised by top-notch professionals ensuring top-quality standards are maintained in the process of production.

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