The NYSC was created with a lot of hope and enthusiasm for a country that had come out of a bitter civil war where 2,000,000 people were estimated to have died.

The scheme was meant to foster unity among Nigerians, peace and promote inter-tribal marriages. Later on, the NYSC would help provide teachers for Nigeria's educational system.

43 years after it was created, the NYSC is nothing more than a time-wasting program riddled with corruption and inefficiency. It has failed to achieve its objectives. Politics is still mostly among tribal lines.

Has the NYSC made Nigeria a united country? Nigeria is still a country made of fragmented pieces, a nation which the parts are greater than the whole. Has it promoted peace among Nigerians? Yes, there has not been a civil war since the end of the Biafran war in 1970 but we can point at Niger-Delta militants in the South-South and Boko Haram in the North-East as the fragile peace in the country.

Tribalism is still a menace in Nigeria and even though there are beautiful cases of inter-tribal marriages there is still heavy resistance when it comes to a person of one tribe marrying into another tribe.

Presently, NYSC is nothing but a substitute for cheap labour with millions of young Nigerians forced to teach in schools. This is a waste of potential. Brimming with ideas and full of energy, graduates shouldn't be locked up in classes when they can be productive members of the society. There are better things for a fresh Nigerian graduate to do than teach in some school.

All over the world, young people, even undergraduates are doing amazing things all over finding startups and creating life-changing apps.

Here in Nigeria, after being stuck in the rot called the Nigerian educational system, young people are forced to serve a nation that has never had their interests at heart for a year. That's backwards.

It's no shocking revelation that the average young person in the western world is years ahead of his contemporary in Nigeria thanks to a vastly superior educational system. The mandatory one year service is just the cherry on top of the mess that is Nigeria's educational system which is way behind the global educational system.

The NYSC is a cesspit of corruption. Cartels have hijacked the once lofty scheme and turned it into an avenue to enrich themselves. Corps members wear rags paraded as uniforms and fed crap disguised as meals because the powers that be have syphoned the money meant for these things.

In October 2016, it was revealed that NYSC was broke and it couldn't mobilise the 300,000 graduates eligible for the scheme. It has become a burden and not a problem solver.

We have heard stories of corps members beaten, maltreated and killed in their places of assignment. No young Nigerian should pay the ultimate price for a nation that does not clearly pay any priority to education and its youth.

The remaining life that is left in the scheme should be snuffed immediately. It has failed to achieve its objectives and has become a burden for the people it was created for. There are more productive things for young Nigerians to do. Staying in camp for 21 days is not one of them.