Pop star Lady Gaga is no stranger to nudity and doesn’t shy away from censoring herself when it comes to her art. The singer goes nude on the new cover of Candy Magazine while maybe posing as a Charlie Chaplin starlet.

Gaga dons a genderless style for the transversal style magazine which, according to Daily Mail, ‘usually features its cover stars in drag’. The singer tries to be modest by covering her nipple with a scorpion ornament and puts on just a fur coat which covers little more than one breast.

The controversial star even exposes her crotch region while holding herself around the waist with her fur-clad arm as the other hand rests above her head. Her extensive tattoo collection is entirely visible on her ribs and arms as well as her beauty spot beneath one of her eyes.

To complete her look, Gaga ditched her ‘lady’ title to appear in a Charlie Chaplin style, rocking a black bowler hat and quirky mismatched black eyebrows alongside a pointy moustache and a black lipstick drawn out to the sides in an eerie clown-like smile.

Well, seems Gaga rather got the timing right as she has just announced the dates for her next ARTPOP Ball Tour on Twitter; kicking off May 4, 2014 at the BB&T Centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is reported to perform in close to 5 cities in USA including Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

Gaga suffered a hip injury last year and was forced to cancel tour dates to go for surgery.