In the days of our mothers, celebrities were role models, people whom others looked up to.

Their attitudes, actions and carriage were worthy of emulation as they would not dare do anything that would be seen as wayward and unruly.

Such stars like Liz Benson, Bukky Ajayi-Lycet, Onyeka Onwenu, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Genevieve Nnaji would never pose nude or dress in a way that would draw abuses to them. And they are and have been bigger stars. The afore mentioned comported themselves in such a way that many parents encouraged their children to aspire to be like them. They would never, for their lives, wear clothes that exposed their bodies. But those were the good old days.

These days, the reverse is the case with the so called civilization catching up on us. Nowadays, you will not be called a celebrity if you do not expose what is meant to be covered and if anyone raises a voice, they are seen as backward, retrogressive and conservative.

The likes of one-time prostitute turned born again turned bad girl, Caroline Sam the one who calls herself Maheeda, aka Naija Bad Girl who has become Nigeria's undisputed Queen of Nudity, pornography actress and producer, Judith Mazagwu, AfroCandy, a mother of two grown up daughters and Drama Queen, Cossy Orjiakor, amongst others, have made decency look like the dregs of the stone ages.

Every other day, they post nude photos on the social media and their fans get over the board with excitement when they see these photos. AfroCandy even has a social networking site where she posts pornographic materials and the traffic is awesome.

Forget the public condemnation; many of the people who find them guilty in the public domain secretly adore and admire them, some even aspiring to be like them.

You hear things like ‘it is their lives’; ‘who are we to judge them’ or ‘they are civilized and that is how it is done in advanced country.’

No one is saying it is not their lives or that they cannot do what they want with their lives but for crying out loud, this is Nigeria and we are supposed to place some values on some things.

These so called celebrities who go about naked, are actually debasing womanhood, whatever anyone likes to say. Some of them do not have any talent of note and what they do is to go about nude so as to attract attention, which, sadly, they have been getting.

But what bothers one is the fact that these people are either people’s wives, (in the case of Maheeda) or mother, (AfroCandy), and someone's wife to be, like Cossy.

What legacy will they leave for their children and what example are they setting for the younger generation?

Like Maheeda has always said, being nude has become her unique selling point and she gets lots of fans who praise her for what she does.

It is deliberate. I know what I am doing. The pictures are not targeted at anything. It is all about attention and there is no mistake about it. Posing nude is my unique selling point.

I just realized this way will be a faster hit than any other way. The pictures are working for me.

Who do you think is crazier of the three nude ambassadors?