If you know Nigerian actor, Odunlade Adekola, then youll definitely agree with me that, the award for the face of Nigerian meme goes to him, if there is anything as such.

If you're really a Nigerian, you must have come across this particular picture of Odunlade and if you have, you'll definitely agree that it's one picture that has fit into a good number of Nigerian memes parading the internet every now and then.

Let's have a look at 13 times the picture has made the best memes on the Internet.

1. When you're mother wants to beat you and you hold her hands

2. When you think you have some sort of super power against electricity

3. Nigerians, especially Igbo guys are just the best set of business men you can find on planet earth

4. Ladies, this is for you all

5. Oshey o, famzer!

6. Lol, To watch my weight is not by force

7. For the love of garnishing

There are a bunch of other pictures of the actor which have also made the best memes on the Internet like,

8. Only Etisalat users can relate.

9. Lol...Positive doesn't always mean good

10. This one is for students

You: I still don't get it. Why did you say the award should go to Odunlade Adekola


So, I'm sure I've been able to convince you and not to confuse you that face of Nigerian meme award goes to no other person than Odunlade Adekola.